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How do I make my iPhone camera work like an x-ray camera?

Asked by jza1736 (12points) October 19th, 2007 from iPhone


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I saw it on youtube under iPhone magic & I would love to make my phone do that. Any one know how?

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You’d have to show me the youtube video. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s a doctored video. If it’s not, there would have to be extra technology involved.

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After finding the video-
You’ve been tricked.
It’s just a video on the phone that is an x ray of a hand. He moves his hand behind it to make it appear that it’s actually xraying his hand. All of the things he does in the video are various tricks. The money thing is just another video thing and he has a coin in his hand. Sorry.

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Yea its just videos
I have them on my iphone
you can go to and use a credit card to pay for them or pay pal
each one is three dollars besides the fireplace one
plus even if it says its iPhone magic u can download it and still use it on iphone
The Xray is not availible for download though

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sorry I meant if its iPhone magic it still works on itouch

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