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What is the best cleanser to use to get thc out of my sytem?

Asked by propanecertified (29points) March 1st, 2009

Ive smoked two years straight and need the thc out of my system soon for drug test. i just quit yesterday.

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I’m not positive, but I heard that drinking a ton of cranberry juice helps, a lot. I know a lot of people that swear by it. Just buy the biggest gallons you can find and drink as much as you can handle before you think you’ll puke. Try to drink at least two gallons of cranberry juice in one day.

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time and abstinence.

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@propanecertified: footnote here: i was a drug testing technician before i was sworn into law enforcement. there is no quick fast easy way to get it out of your system. the diagnostics at licensed and certified drug testing laboratories are too sophisticated.

i once saw an officer, (before he tested) pee in a cup in a corner and drink it, just to get out of peeing officially. he tested positive and was fired. in chicago, the police department here checks your hair follicles. no lie. you have to abstain. you have to be drug free for a great deal of time.

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You’re probably screwed. Two years of daily use ain’t gonna disappear quick.

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How soon is the test? Asmo is probably right, you’re going to need quite a bit of time to get everything out of your system.

I’ve heard that cranberry juice works as well. Don’t kill yourself though. If you need to pass that badly, go to a head shop and see what they have to offer.

Note: The only time I had to take a drug test I ended up passing, even though I should have failed, so I don’t have any personal experience.

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uh, welcome to fluther? ok, welcome to fluther.

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Buy some urine from a friend who has a little kid, and find a way to keep down where it needs to be. If the the specimen collector wants a frontal visual accuse them of being a pervert and threaten to sue. Then stop using. The longer I work as a criminal defense lawyer the more harmful I have come to realize weed is.

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Great a corrupt criminal defense lawyer spouting nonsense about cannabis… lovely.

Don’t judge a bit of pot if you’re here telling people how to cheat a drug test.

Fucking whacked.

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What’s with all the test dodgers today?? Stop smoking, wait for it to clear your system. If it’s super soon…stopping should clear out your urine within a month or so…shave your head if you’re a guy because they’re more likely to test hair follicles if it’s a really important test. But really, your best bet is abstain.

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kinda weird, i just noticed while reading this thread, theres an amazon ad to the right, above the Jelly Shirt, selling cranberry juice
Lol Asmonet you rock.

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A complete blood transfusion would probably work but it might be a little extreme. Or not. Depending on how soon your drug test is. This advice is a little facetious too. Or maybe it isn’t.

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@asmonet. You are too cool. I love reading your comments. :o)

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I have a pothead friend that swears any amount of THC will be gone in a week if you drink enough water and sweat enough. He did it with 2 gallons per day and an hour of sweaty excercising. My little brother recently passed a drug test with a $35 bottle of cleanser he bought at GNC with a guarantee on the bottle.

or you could just use someone else’s pee that you know is clean

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if you’re using someone else’s urine, make sure you keep it warm – the first thing they do is check the temperature. if it’s off – you fail. and don’t bother shaving your head, if they’re gonna do a follicle test, they’ll use body hair (for males, most likely from under your arms) .

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@ella Well, in that case… He could always shave his entire body beforehand.

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Aw, I miss you guys! I should be back for sure by the end of the week. Stupid internet. :)

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@DrasticDreamer he could. but if they decide to do a hair test (usually need reason to go this far, unless it’s a DOT physical) and are stopped by the lack of hair, they’re gonna find a way around it. and if this is pre-employment drug screen and your entire body is shaved smooth, that may be enough of an indicator to some potential employers not to hire a candidate, depending upon how strongly they feel about drug use..

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@ella He could always say he has cancer.

Just joking about him shaving all of his hair off. ;)

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@grahamdefense – why does it matter if his friend has a kid or not??

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@La_chica_gomela .. i think graham was suggesting he buy the child’s urine, since kids aren’t usually stoners. highest probability of a clean specimen..

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THC is stored in your fat. Start working out now heh. I suggest running a lot and drinking plenty of water. I hear green tea is very good for this too. But if you have this test anytime soon, your screwed.

According to the THC calculator i found on erowid it will take roughly a month to clear your system of the THC.

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