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Which law would you break if there were no negative repercussions?

Asked by mrswho (1690points) March 1st, 2009

If you could break any law/social more/social norm/law of physics/commandment without any sort of negative repercussions whatsoever (be it legal, or even any feeling of guilt or the wrath of your God/Gods) what would it be?

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I would be a serial robber of bakeries (products, not cash).

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Yup. I’d fly.

Edited to add: I’d also explore volcanoes and places like the Sun from the inside!

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@aprilsimnel See you up there, pal! Wings for me too.

If I could have a twofer, my next would be to break the law that says people can’t breathe underwater and explore the oceans.

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I think I’d like to fly, I could pay for my baked goods. Oh what jolly fun I’d have. But I wouldn’t just want to fly, I would like to be able to travel to space by my own power without a spacesuit and without dieing.

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To not pay income/property taxes.

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@eponymoushipster Not to get the CIA after your or anything, but do you like regicide in general or do you have someone in mind? Has the Burger King offended you?

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I’d drag Prince Harry home with me and… do things to him. Is that currently against the law? I mean, he is over 21… but I suppose you can’t kidnap a Prince of the Realm, no matter how much fun he’d have… I’d send him back when I was done, honestly!

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I would break the laws of car theft, speeding, and reckless (but not too reckless) driving but I wouldn’t hurt anyone or put anyone in harms way.

I’d go to all the exotic car dealerships all over the city and go for a spin in the hottest, fastest, and most outrageous sports cars I could find.

I’d break the laws of gravity too. If I couldn’t fly, I’d at least levitate myself and other things – like a speeding car that I’m driving that could be heading for an accident if I wasn’t careful. If it ends up saving my ass (levitation), it’s important.

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I’d want to be able to teleport anywhere.

But I’d also want to be able to bring whoever i want pls anything we are wearing or have in our hands.

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@mrswho that f’ing burger king was in my bed one morning when i woke up. he’ll get it, he will.

p.s. – the CIA is watching all of us. it’s run this si….ahh!

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The Law of Gravity would be my first choice. Then it wouldn’t be quite so urgent that I lose weight.

And I would drive barefoot any place it is currently illegal. I hate shoes.

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I used to be an unrepentant jaywalker but I have slowed down quite a bit. Now I fear both repercussions and fatal concussions.

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i’d love too much.

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I’ve broken the law of good taste many times already, so the law of gravity and the known laws of physics are next, naturally.

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Yeah, flying and teleportation would be really cool, as would being able to break the “law” of time (read: being able to bend, stop, slow, reverse or speed up time). Also being able to break the speed of light. Finally, I’d love to be able to walk into the sea and explore its depths, impervious to water pressure or temperature, or the need for O2 (or dangerous critters!!)

@eponymoushipster That’s not against any law.

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the law of good taste is enforced by the fashion police, and I am on their Top Ten Most Wanted List. I am a known fashion felon.

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I would drive as fast as I pleased, without fear. I’d like to think I’d be safe.
However, should anything happen, I would simply bend the continuum of time and space, and fix it.

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As long as I still live, I guess anything goes.
Where do you start?
-Heck I would live for an extremely long time.
-Duplicate myself
-Make the world spin the opposite direction for the heck of it
-Time travel
-Become all-knowing
-Create new animals
-Find or create other planets with life
-Make everyone worship me, or some other random dude for fun
-Randomly give a couple people ‘super powers’ so I can watch what happens
-Make random anit-normalities that contradict science (anti gravity spots, spots with no air, rocks that levitate, some objects that pass through other objects) just to mess with the minds of those scientists
-Re-build societies in a more efficient manner
-Eliminate war
-un-invent many weapons
-one race/language
-eliminate the need of a government did i say that?
I guess what you are proposing is… what if you were God?

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I’d defy all the laws of physics?

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Every single one of em!
Hate being constricted…

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Oh boy, where to start, where to start?

1. Teleportation
2. Selective Omnipotence – because sometimes you like being in the dark.
3. Flying
4. Robbery – I takes what I wants ‘cause I can
5. Vehicular Attacks – cut me off again, I dare you!
6. Cable Pirating
7. Threats – mostly against Comcast
8. Mind Melting
9. Levitation
10. Tire Puncturing
11. Vanadlism
12. Dine and Dash
13. Cutting in Lines – everywhere I go.
14. Indecent Exposure – because sometimes when it’s hot outside, I don’t get why girls can’t let the skin breathe either.
15. Sabotage – you name it, I sabotage it

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Oh, and cake! I would declare that sugar gives stable, long-lasting energy, and it would be so. I would henceforth only eat sugar-filled food to provide all the energy and nutrition I need.

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@Trustinglife – And ice cream! Specifically, Ben & Jerry’s One Cheesecake Brownie ice cream!—

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It would be great, for one day, to be able to tell everyone I know exactly what I think of them, positive or negative, and have them completely forget what I said the following day.

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the laws of the street.

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@LostInParadise Oh, that’s a good one. I would have it where I could pause any conversation, mid-stream, and be able to rewind and undo things I didn’t like. That’d be nice.

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Oh I’d probably kill a few people. 6 to be precise.

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The commutative law for addition of real numbers.

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As many as my conscience would allow.

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