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Will unemployemnt reach 10% by years end or sooner ?

Asked by Johnny_B_Goode (233points) March 1st, 2009
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Wouldn’t surprise me. I expect my own unemployment to reach 100%.

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It’s been over 10% in my area for months now. We’re closing in on 14%.

Do they figure in all those who have used up their unemployment benefits, or just the ones who are collecting?

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Yeah. I’d take 10% where I live too. It’d be less than we have now.

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Seems reasonable to me, but maybe even by midyear. The real problem I think, is not only people who are collecting or about to stop collecting unemployment by the people who are afraid they might also lose their jobs, since they are likely to behave in a similar way – i.e. dramatically cut back spending.

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I saw a story on the news yesterday about the low unemployment rates in the Dakotas and Wyoming. Now THAT was helpful.

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Also, it is well over 10% nationally if you measure people not working who have given up looking.

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Yeah, everyone’s going to move to Wyoming.

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At least. The real unemployment number is probably already 10% or higher, like Marina said. More importantly, underemployment is huge right now. People who have jobs are working fewer hours for less money and lower benefits because it’s better than being unemployed and having no money and no benefits.

God, the more I type this, the more depressed I become. Hurray!

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I i currently at 8.5 and rising. I would expect to see 10% within the next 3 months uless something gives.

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