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Do you pull cables out the bad way? (pulling on the cable)

Asked by klaas4 (2194points) March 2nd, 2009

Wish I didn’t, but I’m used to it now. Sometimes though, with very expensive cables for example, I don’t.

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I’ve destroyed far too many cables doing it the wrong way, but I haven’t for a couple of years. Now I make sure to pull from the plug.

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Yes I do and have destroyed plenty. Though, most cables are designed these days with this in mind. Cable strain reliefs and boots are designed to reduce the risk of damage but are not always fool proof. I only know this because I design connectors for a living.

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Nope. I always unplug cables properly. No sense in needlessly injuring myself or harming the cable or device.

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@dynamicduo: Not even in a hurry?

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Not even in a hurry. Sometimes being in a hurry can make things worse – for instance you could pull on the cord quickly such that the prongs become bent.

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Very rarely… if the outlet is hard to reach or somesuch thing. I actually have a bit of a pet peeve about how cables are handled. I hate when they get all twisted and kinked!

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Sometimes I torture the vacuum cleaner this way, out of laziness really.

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