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What is the best way to get DVD video and audio into a format I can edit in Adobe Premier Pro?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) October 20th, 2007

I would like to work on my editing skills by creating my own video mashups using DVD movies as the source. Absolutly and totally for my own use never to be shared. I just want to work on my storyboarding/editing skills.

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Well copyright and DRM issues aside (you’re on your own on those issues), there are several products out there that ‘rip’ files from DVD media into either .AVI or .MOV files (audio and video) for use in AP and other NLE systems. Two that come to mind off the top are:

Handbrake (open source, all three major OSs):

and Cinematize (not free, but ‘pro’ features):

Others anyone?

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your biggest problem is going to be removing the CSS encryption. If you just need it for personal use, I think you’re on pretty decent legal grounds to use DVD decrypter. I’m not familiar with the adobe software, so I don’t know what formats it can take as input, but i’ve used a program called gordian knot before.

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