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Do you feel guilty if you allow yourself to indulge in wanting?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 2nd, 2009

For instance, I have been wanting an iPhone for a while and have been telling myself it’s ridiculous and unnecessary and that I didn’t need it. Then… I bought one. Don’t get me wrong, I like the thing (bordering on lurve), but I do sort of feel guilty for buying it because it’s not necessary for me to have.

Do any of you feel like this when you let yourself become overtaken by desire or want? My goal in life is to be completely content with my current situation and surroundings, so how can I do so if I’m wanting and desiring material objects and worse, giving in to those wants?

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They say that a person that can want for nothing or want for little, as reach a higher plane of wisdom. That wanting for little means that anything you get is more than enough.Im working on it.

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@ArizonaPancakes I’m working on it too and I do pretty well MOST of the time, but I really let the iPhone get to me!

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I know. what we desire the most as the potential of messing us up. But dwelling on bad choices can also be debilitating

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Your resolution to be content with current situations and surroundings is an excellent one, but you must extend the same spirit of contentment to yourself and recognize that it takes time to change. You’re working toward improvement, sure, but meanwhile be kind to who you are now, foibles and all.

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@Harp Thanks to you as well. Great responses, and very encouraging!

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Well what Im saying is that to be in desire and want focuses on the self.If we look beyond what we desire maybe there is a bigger world that we havent acknowledge. Something bigger then our desires and wants

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I agree that it would be nice to no longer want. But that is engrained in us to want what we don’t have. You can see the behavior even in animals. Life is to short to not do, or have what we want. So long as you can pay for it. I want a new Lamborghini but that is not going to happen. Oh and make sure if you have 5 kids to feed, and you have $300 dollars in your account, that you are not buying an iPhone instead of food for your kids. Use common sense.

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yeah I can see that. You can’t get what reality can’t afford

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Good point. sounds like you’ve been there

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im on the abs diet,so it requires me to indulge in any favorite food that i want,once a week,doesnt matter if its in high in fat or not,because the body cant get used to not eating fat,not good, i also was in the same situation as you with the iphone, and i ended up getting both of them,i say go for it,it’ll bother you until u get it,unless u have a new blackberry.

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Yes- I try not to be materialistic, but there are just some things I find attractive and I want them. I’m sure it’s instinct or something to want gadgets and decorations. The only time I really feel guilty is if I really couldn’t afford it at the time. Then I just feel like a spoiled cheese ball.

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There once was a time when I was impulsive and would give into sporadic purchases of items I really didn’t need. Those times are not now. Now I find it very easy to resist the allure of tempting shiny things like a fancy new iPod or a few meters of this really nice fabric. What changed between then and now? I became aware of marketing in general. I became aware of just how obvious it was that these companies’ only care was in getting my money from me. They can try to dress it up in whatever packaging they can get their hands on (organic, eco-friendly, limited edition, etc), but at the end of the day every single company’s number one goal is to get their hand into my pocket and take away my hard earned dollar.

Ever since I came upon this realization, my spending habits have changed like night and day. Nowadays when I feel the desire to buy a new fancy thing, I can clearly see the weasley CEO trying to worm his sneaky black little hand into my pocket and pry my bills from my wallet. Let me tell you, that mental image is enough to stop even the most desiring of desires. This realization has made it completely easy for me to turn around and say “Hey you sneaky CEO, get out of my pocket and get out of my brain!”

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As long as you can afford to indulge yourself now and again, I see no real harm in doing so. Note that I said now and again. I wouldn’t make a habit out of it.

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