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What's a fun man activity while the ladies do a baby shower?

Asked by kevbo (25667points) October 20th, 2007 from iPhone

I’m thinking about go karting wanted to see
If there’s a better idea out there. Age
range is 30–62 or so, and we went bowling last time. Paintball or golf would not be inclusive enough.

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I remember when my friend had a baby shower or bridal shower, her then hubby to be or hubby with his friends had a waterskiing/boating day or weekend. They had a blast.

Or the guy who will marry, find out what is his favorite sport. Maybe can do a baseball, football or hockey outing.

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Is there a billiards bar nearby?

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guys getting together to smoke cigars and drink beer.
that is what I would do. There isn’t much time to hang out with you buddies when you are marked and have kids

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I meant to say “when you are married and have kids”

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i got to say, this is one of the oddest questions i can imagine a guy asking.

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why do the guys have to do anything together? I don’t get this at all. and who are
these guys? the men marked (thanks,migueltang) by the women at the party? why
can’t all the guys just do the crossword puzzle in the privacy of their own homes?
and how come the guys can’t come to the baby shower?
I must come from a different subculture. straighten me out.

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It’s very nice of both of you to demonstrate the limits of your comprehension, but perhaps you can just answer the question or not. Thanks.

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As a guy who has attended and organized several showers, I recommend the mind-blowingly out-of-the-box solution: co-ed baby showers! They’re great! I don’t even have to get into gender politics and sexism (why is the woman the one who has a party to get all the tools for baby WORK?!). It’s a celebration of life, and the stuff needed to do the work of life. Plus, if you get yourself in on it, maybe the buying will get skewed and you won’t end up with a a baby carrier in horrible colors you don’t want to wear!

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Hey, it’s a DISCUSSION.
So, to answer your question:
how about if the guys all go over to the expected baby’s house and
clean up the yard, repair the roof, put on the storm windows, strip and wax the
kitchen floor, drink a lot of beer, laugh and tell stories? Looks like the women are
trying to help out. Men are so great at some stuff that pregnant people can’t do so well…

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If you happen to be close to a horsetrack, a day at the races is always a winner. Also, I think it’d work for the entire age range you mentioned.

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Just had the shower this past Sunday. I dressed out the garage as a poker room, and we played tournament style, which worked really well (although the betting structure/action could have been better, but chalk that up to experience).

I didn’t think paintball would work because of the age differences and relative health/agility of the older relatives.

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