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Is it bad for "future girlfriends," to stay friends with an ex?

Asked by z28proximo (285points) March 2nd, 2009

We only dated for a few weeks, decided it was a better idea to be friends. We didn’t really have a lot of chemistry. We still text and hang out with mutual friends sometimes. Is this a bad idea or should I not worry about it? Or just not even mention it?

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Dont worry about it.

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Nah… if the person was cool enough to date temporarily, then they’re cool enough to maintain a friendship. But if you only dated for a few weeks, is it really an ex?? I mean, could it have been that serious?

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I don’t see why it would be an issue.

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If you’re still comfortable hanging out, I don’t see what the problem is… You don’t have to dislike an ex, especially if the relationship ended amicably.

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ditto with what has been said.

yeah. I’m cool with most if not all of my ex’s. It’s fine.

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If a future girlfriend has a problem with this, it will be her problem. You should be friends with whomever you like.

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Is it bad? Only if the perception you give off is: Hey I keep my ex around for a booty call!
Otherwise, it should be fine.

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Hey Spatz! Long time, no see.

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Awesome, guess I worry too much. :)

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Hello augustlan

Yep z28proximo, it’s all good!

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A few weeks? That’s just dating, she’s not really an ex. You’re kosher for friendship! :D

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stop texting her, and don’t mention it

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This is no big deal really. I think it is a healthy thing as long as you are both definitely in the friend place.

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I never stay friends with exes, but I wouldn’t count a few weeks worth of dating as a real relationship. I think if it’s less than three months, friendship is still fine.

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i would just stay friends. Why would you care? you guys dont’ have much chemistry anyway. i wouldn’t count that as an ex.Hope you find the one someday

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I would still stay friends…...because im still friends with my ex ^_^

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It is not a friendship. It is you both trying to hang on to the possibility of something there was not.

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I feel like if you’re feeling the need to ask this question, you’re probably thinking you’re doing something wrong.

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