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What kind of gift can I crochet that will not look like a crappy handmade gift?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) November 23rd, 2006
I crochet very well, so the crochet quality is fine--it's just that so many things end up looking so very "handmade."
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I think a scarf is a lovely gift. It will look handmade, but that's part of the charm! And many storebought products are trying to imitate that handmade look.
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I second occ's suggestion. Also useful to crochet (or knit) are oven hot pads--I knit one years ago as a trial for a baby blanket, and it's been my favorite hot pad lo these many years.
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"Crappy handmade gift?" I think not. Handmade is the greatest!
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Ipod cozies that look like animals--you know, with ears on the top. Here's one that looks like an old-school tape:
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And: one that looks like a hoody. You could use these for cell phones too...
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Can you knit? Is your giftee in the tech industry? This "binary" scarf is pretty cool:
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You could always make a cute hat, and I agree with the other responses. Handmade is much better; it shows that you put planning and work into the gift.

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