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Does everyone know about Fluther-isms?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) March 3rd, 2009

It occurred to me that we have many new members and several returning members who may have missed the questions that spawned Fluther-isms used regularly. Like pancake and frizzer.

Can anyone think of other Fluther-specific terms or ideas that should be included here?

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The cake. The Fluther story. Is Fluther the CIA?

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IHOP-ness. Allie got me with this one. Shame on you! :o)

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Oh dear. I’m confused. Are these supposed to be niche internet memes, specific to only Fluther?

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Ahhhh, the cake! I often cajole my friends who are freaking out about relationship stuff with the story about the cake. It does remind me of a question I need to ask, although not quite as odd or amusing… Frizzer is my all time favorite, though.

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Dick punching..

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@A_Wood :: Specific to Fluther.

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@A_Wood Yep. Here are some more for your enjoyment:

The Fluther Story

Man, it took me forever to find some of these things! JP, you’re going to have to link to dick-punching (since that one’s all your fault anyway)… I’m all out of steam.

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My lurve for fluther just went up quiet a bit.

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I was thinking about whether or not a group story question had been done already. Those are a ridiculous amount of fun.

Fluther is the perfect place for it. :D

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Beaked aliens and the Great Nordic tree penguins.

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chickens were also a topic during the last round in the CIA thread. specifically, their relation to pancakes.

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Now I know everything! Thanks, @augustlan! :D

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maybe there should be an “Indoctrination Thread” :)

Or Fluther Online-Bootcamp lol

The Frizzer, good one. That was one of the first threads someone pointed me to and I almost ran lol.

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@augustlan – GREAT question. I think it is awesome you took the time to explain these to some of the new flutherites!!!!

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Everyone should definitely check out Uber’s link. Nimis pretty much covered all of it!

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OK, now I know everything! Thanks, @uberbatman and Nimis!

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@johnpowell are you still not smoking?

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@babiturtle36 :: I went from over a pack per day to a couple a week. I still smoke if I am hanging out with a smoker. It doesn’t feel like someone is sitting on my chest then I try to sleep anymore.

But, I tried. The social aspect is really a hard habit to break. I don’t buy them anymore.

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thats great….. good job :)

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@johnpowell – the cut back you described it HUGE!!! Great job!!!

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I hadn’t seen some of these. this is great!

@johnpowell – that’s the best way to do it. eventually you will just stop wanting them. I remember the day I realized that people were smoking around me and I hadn’t even thought to ask for one. that’s when i knew i had quit.

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Oh, and maybe the newer members might enjoy the podcasts
another one
and this one

Aren’t we due for another soon? How bout a podcast from SXSW?

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thanks for enlightening a newbie. I wanna know about the cake guy! The rest made me laugh, but the cake guy is an enigma!

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@VS they’re talking about me. i’m a beefcake.

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Maybe so, eponymous, but the cake story I was asking about was mdy’s man who kept sending her cake. I’m a newbie, but I didn’t fall of that turnip truck last night!!

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there seems to be a lot of zombie lurve among the jellies too, especially lately.

i think it’s necessary for all new-comers to be aware of this strong support system of the living dead.

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I think it’s time Astrochuck is used as a verb. Like Google.


Astrochuck: verb (used with object)

From Flutherisms, circa 2010

Famous for his witty one-liners, Astrochuck – Member since: January 26th, 2008
Questions asked: 344 Responses written:11788 (as of 4 July 2010) has recently entered the Fluther lexicon and possibly the English language in the future, as a verb.

To Astrochuck: To answer a fluther question (usually at the beginning – for maximum lurve) with a swift, witty, one-liner.

Dude – why’d you write all those words in my question? You know I get dizzy after three lines. Next time just Astrochuck it – will ya?!

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How babbys are formed.

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Negative lurve as a result of temporal anomalies in localized space-time distortions and weak symmetrical subspace graviton fields.

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@dpworkin thats a yahoo! answers thing….

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It’s here, too.

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Yeah – it’s our babby now.

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