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What is the relationship of my wife to my sisters husband?

Asked by jbellajr (1points) March 3rd, 2009
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in my family, we’d consider them brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Not sure if the technical definitions would include them however.

….. pardon me while I check…..


A brother/sister-in-law can be any of:
* your spouse’s sibling
* your sibling’s spouse
* your spouse’s sibling’s spouse

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In Urdu (my native language) there are specific names which distinguish each familial relation, however in English I believe it would be sister-in-law. I could be mistaken, (you know us ferners ;)

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@Bagardbilla, Do all three of those relations I listed in my answer have specific and unique terms in Urdu? If so, that’s kinda cool….

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@MrItty Lurve for saying “pardon me” haha that cracked me up for some reason. As if to excuse you while you do a quick search and everyone’s anxiously awaiting a well crafted response.

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Wait, you mean you’re not all waiting with baited breath for my endless supply of wisdom?!?!

… pardon me while the world crashes around me…

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The genealogy software that I use would call your sister’s husband your wife’s “husband of sister-in-law.”

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I would say brother-in-law as well.

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Yes, they all have seperate distinguishable terms. This way you don’t have to clearify who you’re talking about.

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@Bagardbilla Which is helpful, say, at a family gathering where there are teams playing soccer, and you have forgotten their names, but can at least call them by their designated title in Urdu.

Just teasing. I think it’s cool.

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