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What do you think of children having children?

Asked by LouisianaGirl (1144points) March 3rd, 2009

In England there is a 15 year old girl had a baby with a 12 year old boy. The boy only makes $20 a week in allowance. What do you think on this controversy?

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I’m pretty sure that was a hoax…something about making money with the media and lying about the whole thing so they can make deals and make money. I’m almost sure some guy came out and said the kid was his.

But yeah, I think it’s outright appalling. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe it, and as it turned out it wasn’t true (or so I heard wasn’t true).

If I had a kid that had a child at an age like that, I’d smack him silly, and tell him it’s going up for adoption, there is no way I’m raising his child, and him at the same time.

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Obviously, they are too young to care for the child and the whole story makes me go, “Where are their parents?!”

But more importantly it makes me want to push for comprehensive sex ed. I mean, come on! Kids shouldn’t be having sex to begin with, but fives minutes and the word “condom” could have saved them this international news column.

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I think it is extremely unwise.

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yea and the 15 year old girl and the baby have to live in the girls moms house with her, her mom, and her 7 brothers. It`s gonna be a full house. I imagine the child going to school at 10 years old and say my mom is 25 and my dad is 23.

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I’m opposed. Raising children is too big and too important a job to be done by children. Parents should support better sex education in schools.

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Parents should also offer better sex education at home.

Plus better role models, better supervision, and so on.

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here are some more details. There must have been a DNA test, but this article shows that there have been imposed restrictions on any new details.

I have a feeling it’s a hoax.

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I’m also opposed to their raising children. Kill the babies. It’s the only viable alternative.

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@bodyhead KILL the babies?!!? I really hope I misunderstood your answer on this one!

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@bodyhead you shall NEVER kill a baby because it never asked to be born that was the parents decision. There is adoption but never ever ever kill a baby because of its parents mistakes.

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@LouisianaGirl The thing is that it isn’t even its parents decision, they just have sex, and then hope nothing goes wrong, then they get pregnant and the first thing the think on doing is to have an abortion, that is just wrong, kids should at least take care and use a condom if they’re planning on having sex! Poor little babies have to pay with their lives the mistakes of irresponsible kids.

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Just because things like this don’t happen in and around your comunity doesn’t mean it’s a hoax. At the moment i have the privilege to be providing free medical services to a rural comunity near the town of San Quintin… 3 hours south of Ensenada Mexico… I say privilege because the people here are very grateful and the experience has been wonderful…. The one thing that really kills me is the high rate of child pregnancy… in the 7 months since i’ve been here i’ve had to deliver babies from girls under the age of 15 on over 45 ocasions…. only 5 of them were over 13…. lot’s of 16 and 17 to 19 year olds on their second or even third babies…. This is a real problem in lots of places around the world and is a serious public health issue… The London thing just brought it to light….

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@2late2be & @LouisianaGirl – While yes, it may have been an act of irresponsible behavior on their part, these are children we are talking about. They are not ready physically, emotionally, financially, or mentally. They need to be teaching these kids about birth control not just about abstinence, and unfortunately at a younger age now than they used to.

With that said, if I had a daughter that young who got pregnant I would only present her with information, including that I will be supportive of her if she chooses to have the baby or not. In my opinion, everyone has the right to choose. I would not want my daughter and my grandchild to be in the situation so many young mothers are in, so I would support her either way 100%.

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No, you guys understood me right. I’m not just pro-choice. I’m pro-abortion. There are far to many kids as it is. I would rather not be born then be unwanted by my mother.

Nearly 20,000 foster care teens age-out of the foster care system each year. Once they reach 18, their state and foster families are no longer required to give them assistance. They are left to fend for themselves.

Of the children who age out of the system I believe it’s 70% that end up homeless or in jail. Those kids are not wanted and all you are doing is cursing them to a life of misery. Putting your kid up for adoption is not the answer. Sure, maybe it works for some kids but it doesn’t work for every kid.

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@bodyhead – You’re exactly right. It’s just as worse seeing children in foster homes (I used to work in one) age out of the system and have nowhere else to go and absolutely no support.

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I know plenty of women who became mother’s as teenagers (I’m talking 16 & 17) and they are all fantastic mothers, who went to college and support themselves now (or are married..)
I do not judge on a generalization, like “children having children”. Because having a child completely changes you. Now, not all people man up to the responsibility..but, even a 35 year old could be a crappy parent.
But, I do think have a child when you yourself are still a child is an unwise decision, but if the person decides to give birth and raise that child, then good for them. It’s their body and their choice.

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Scientifically speaking, children cannot have children. Once we are sexually mature, we are no longer a “child.”

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@tb1570 – Scientifically yes, they are not a child. Mentally? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean they are ready to become parents.

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@KrystaElyse So, who’s to say when anyone is ready to become a parent? I know some 50-year-olds who don’t seem ready to have kids!!

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@tb1570 – Are you trying to say that 12 or 15 year olds are ready to become parents? Of course there’s older people who aren’t ready to have children, but that’s not the point. Why should this be acceptable??

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@Dr. C: I live in southern Texas. We, too, have terribly high rates of teenage pregnancy in part because the families think it is perfectly acceptable. Since middle school my daughter has gone to school with pregnant peers, and now in high school she knows 16 girls who are on baby number two.

According to a 2006 report based on 2002 numbers, our state was number two behind California for highest rates of teenagers giving birth. By 2004 Texas was declared number one, with Hispanic girls ages 15 to 19 accounting for 61 percent of teen births even though only 39 percent of Texas adolescents were Hispanic. In addition, 24% of these births were not a first birth.

Then, teenage pregnancy in our county ranks highest among the 11 most populated counties in Texas. As my daughter says with a sad laugh, at least we are number one in something.

News reports such as this one: , tend to blame sex education lacks, but quite frankly I see all around me families who seem to welcome the grandchild without considering that this will extend the cycle of poverty and struggle to yet another generation. We have a strong link to Mexican culture locally and the problem is that the attitude of the people you work with in San Quintin towards early motherhood was brought here several generations ago and survives to this day. This is in spite of all the programs and evidence that show the true cost of early parenthood.

What this all comes down to is you don’t have to go as far as Ensenada to find a similar situation. The primary exception is that our local folks won’t be as grateful. They believe they are owed medical care. We are losing OB/GYNs right and left in our county, so if the folks in San Quintin ever are willing to let you go, you would be welcome to settle here any time. I suspect your stats would be similar.

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@KrystaElyse Of course that’s not what I’m trying to say. But, I do think it’s worth noting that many of our great-great-great-great grandmothers were probably not much older than 15 or 16 when they gave birth to our great-great-great grandmothers & fathers.

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@tb1570 – However, back then you could make a good living even if you left school at 6th grade, or never got to school much at all. Nowadays you try to get a good job with a 6th grade education, or even as a high school drop out, and then try to raise children on that income.

Early parenthood no longer fits into current society as it once did. We don’t need the extra hands to work the farm or hunt, and we do need the time and energy to get the qualifications that will let us provide for ourselves and our future children. Spending that time and energy raising babies simply perpetuates poverty..

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@Darwin I might take you up on that offer… i have Friends and family in San Antonio and Houston… once i’m done here i’m going to need some options as to where to finally set up my own practice… Never considered Texas… Something to think about

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