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What are some good Nintendo DS games?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) March 3rd, 2009

My wife got me a DS last year for my birthday. And i havent really played it that much. What games would you recommend? I already have three Super Mario Bros. Zelda. And Mario Kart. Please I want to use this gift.

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Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training
My Word Coach
Zoo Keeper

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My favorites are:
Elite Beat Agents
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Crosswords DS

I’m also a fan of stuff like Brain Age and FlashFocus and Big Brain Academy. And I’m completely addicted to Cooking Mama and Diner Dash. stfu! They’re fun!

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There are tons of DS games. Also, your DS will play Game Boy Advanced games (as long as it’s not the new fancy DSi), so that opens up that library to you as well. I recommend browsing video game sites and seeing their Top 10 lists for DS and GBA and reading those games’ descriptions to see if they interest you.

I personally love Animal Crossing, and Brain Training. I also like playing Pokemon (despite the merchandising, it really is a solid RPG), and the DS version is the best version in the entire series. Another cool DS application is Ubisoft’s My Weight Loss Coach, which includes a pedometer to count your steps throughout the day. It’s a very logical, no-nonsense approach to living a healthy life despite what the title implies.

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Final Fantasy 3 & 4
Pokemon (duh)

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is coming out soon.

My personal favorite is Animal Crossing but that may be too girly for you.

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Picross, Advance Wars series, Lost in Blue series, Freedom Wings. has aggregate ratings for all games.

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Seconds on Pokemon, because I am a Pocket Monster Master. If anyone wants to battle, let me know.

I would also like to recommend both Kirby; Squeak Squad, and Kirby All-Star. Squeak Squad is a older title that launched on DS, and a pretty fun member of the Kirby game family, and All-Star is a remake of a SNES game, but is the best Kirby game by far!

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@dragonflyfaith I am in LOVE with Animal Crossing, I have the Gamecube, DS, and the Wii Version. :^D

Pokemon Rangers of Almia is a good game, and so is Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, and Diner Dash and Cooking Mama are great too, and so are Nintendogs. (I have Dalmatian :^D)

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@mangeons Don’t tell me that! I want a Wii just for that game. Love it.

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I kind of like the Phoenix Wright series.

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I’m going to “fourth” the vote for Animal Crossing – superbly simple and sinfully indulgent game into the world of everything cutesy and collectible. Research before you buy to make sure it’s your cup of tea.

Here’s a big recommendation for you: Do you like puzzles and brain teasers??

If so, you have to get Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It is a whodunnit sweet little mystery tale that is slowly unraveled by solving brainteasers. The lead characters are Professor Layton, a whip-smart proper English chap, and his clever sidekick nephew. Together they are hired to solve a murder in a strange little town. Mysterious happenings and puzzles ensue.

It nicely utilizes multiple functions of the DS, is well rendered (beautiful game!), and has a worthwhile plot. You’ll get several hours of play out of it, but it is a finishable game.

Plus, the sequel should be coming out in a matter of months (3 sequels in all, I believe), so you’d have a franchise to look forward to!

Great game for puzzle lovers.

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I agree, I’ve heard really good things about Prof. Layton

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Fire emblem…but it would also help to know what kind of games you are into as well.

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@Foolaholic Do you play Diamond/Pearl? I played pretty competttivly with a friend of mine, did a few tourneys. I want to get back into it heavy when Platinum comes out.

Chrono Trigger (everyone has reccommened this to me)

Dragon Quest V (got amazing scores on

Yugioh World Championship 2008 (im not sure if your into card games, im not a big fan of the show or the REAL card game but the game on hand helds are always great fun plus has wifi connectivity so you can play people around the world. Best thing is you dont even need a friend code because of there great Online matching system.

When in doubt let me suggest it complies all the scores from Magazines/Websites that a game gets and shows you its average plus links you to all its reviews.

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I do indeed play Pearl. I’ve never had the chance to get out to an actual tournament, but I’m just about undefeated in the ”league” that my friends and I have put together. And yes, I’m really looking forward to Platinum, even if the new changes to Rotom are completely silly looking…

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Do you have AIM? My SN is ZOMG J. Im down to hop on, havent tried my team out in a long time.

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One of my favorites is metroid prime hunters. Mainly for the multiplayer… But overall, it’s a fun game if you like first person shooters and can take the time to get used to the controls. (there are three other control options if the first one doesnt work for you).

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