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If i take a GED course and pass the GED test then do i need to take the SAT to get ino college?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 3rd, 2009 from iPhone
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I never took the SAT’s. I applied for community college, and took the entrance exams and was placed in the appropriate level of courses (I was already at college level for everything but math)
I then went off to a University, and still never had to take my SAT’s. They never asked, since I’d already completed enough pre-reqs.

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I would say check with the college that you are interested in. GED tests are not equivalent to SAT tests.

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The GED test is the rough equivalent of a high school diploma. If your college requires the SAT for people who have been graduated from high school, it will most likely require the SAT for people who have passed the GED exam.

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It depends on what kind of school you’re going to. Community Colleges have an entrance exam and do not require an SAT score. When you transfer from a Community College to a University, they look at your GPA.

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I would take them if you can. It’s just one more piece on your application. If you don’t do very well, you don’t have to include them, but if you do well (which I’m sure you will), why not? I applied to college with SAT, SAT II and ACT scores.

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