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How long do coffee grounds stay fresh?

Asked by Ashpea9288 (945points) March 3rd, 2009

It’s just your basic ground coffee in a canister. I’ve had it for awhile, since I don’t drink a lot of coffee, so I’m just wondering how long they can keep.

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Usually two weeks if stored properly. You can freeze it, but once you freeze it once, you should never put it back in the freezer. Also, never store it in the fridge.

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Yeah I’ve definitely had for way longer than two weeks, I think it’s time to pitch it! Thanks!

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If you don’t drink coffee a lot, I highly recommend using a bean grinder (I use this one from Starbucks) and buying small amounts of whole roasted beans. The whole beans will last longer than pre-ground in a can, and will taste better too. But best of all you can buy exactly the amount of beans you need, versus buying a canister of grounds that you may never get through. :)

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Thanks for the tip, I’m going to look into that :)

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I just store whole beans in an opaque jar, and grind in the morning. I use a Burr Grinder, also from Starbucks. The preground stuff is nasty from day 1 (Folgers, etc.), and the preground Starbucks you buy in the store is way old.

2 weeks tops, and don’t freeze it. Store it in an airtight, opaque container in a room temp place.

But fresh ground, naturally, is best. :)

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I fully admit that I keep my Starbucks beans for much longer than 2 weeks tops. I’ve had bags open for up to 2 months still tasting much better than Folgers.

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Canned grounds are stale when you open them. You can keep them for months and the taste couldn’t get any worse. Freshly ground beans can be kept in an airtight container at room temperature for a couple weeks. I’ve found that freezing does kill the taste. Refrigeration definitely is bad.

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I always store my coffe in the freezer. It stays fresh for a long time. But Ii drink so much of it I don’t know exactly how long ball park 3 months.

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I consume about a 5 pound bag of beans per month…maybe more. I honestly cannot tell from the first time I open the bag until I take out the last beans if there is a difference in flavor. I know this to be true because I always have my back-up bag and one day a girlfriend rolled out of bed and made coffee using the new bag not realizing that there were plenty of beans left in the old bag. When she brought me my coffee I tasted it and continue to read the paper not noting anything different from yesterday’s coffee. A little while later I asked her what she did with the empty bag of beans. she replied that she didn’t have an empty bag, that she had opened a new one. Maybe my tastebuds are shot but I thik i wuold note if there was a large difference.

By the way, I roll my beans in an airtight bag and leave in the pantry. I believe the the fridge kills some flavor.

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Stale grounds, both used and unused, make wonderful compost.

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