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Will dogs eat airsoft pellets?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I have two medium-large sized dogs, and I just got an airsoft pistol. Will the dogs eat the pellets (I have 1000 of them, so I don’t plan on reusing) and if they will, is it harmful, or does it not matter?

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Dogs will eat anything. Will it be harmful? Probably not. The pellets are most likely too small.

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Some dogs will eat anything. It depends on the dog.

The non-biodegradable pellets have a petroleum-based plastic center, which it seems to me could be dangerous. It might also be possible if they ingested enough that it could cause an intestinal blockage. If that occurred it could be life threatening.

Best idea would be to keep the pellets and dogs apart.

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If your dogs are prone to eat things, definately. Dogs will eat rocks, dirt, batteries, dryer sheets, shoelaces, cotton balls; and that’s just my own person experience. Air pellets might pass but they might also cause a blockage. If I were you I’d just make sure the dogs can’t get to them.

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I’ll try and set up a catcher under targets. I’m guessing a few strays won’t hurt.

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If you are nervous, you could always shake a little cayanne pepper into the airsoft pellet container. Typically dogs don’t like the taste of cayanne.

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They probably won’t but as said above some dogs will eat anything. Those pellets are biodegradable and most are non toxic.

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My dog has eaten tons of them. Since they are very small, they pass through within a day or two. Cleaning up after him is like cleaning up confetti.

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Yes, dogs eat everything. Mine recently ate through drywall.

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Have you tried biodegradable pellets? I bought some for my airsoft gun and they worked great, not to mention the peace of mind, knowing I didn’t have to worry about my dog or any other animals being harmed from them.

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@drClaw WOAH. Wayyy to expensive for airsoft pellets. Pass.

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My dog, a Jack Russel Terrier creatively named “Jack (Sparrow),” has a habit of ripping toilet paper off of the roll and eating it. In reference to bodyhead’s answer, I knew a relative that had a pet pug who had a habit of biting her toes. She attempted to sprinkle cayanne pepper on her toes to get the animal to stop, and the dog turned out to really like the taste of cayanne pepper. Based on my own experience, medical records, and the anecdotes of friends and family, I feel that a dog will eat anything. But it all depends on the dog.

The best option is to call the 800 number on the product and ask ahead of time if the product poses a danger to children or domestic animals if ingested and precisely what danger it poses.

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P.S. They arn’t eating any. I even watched one of them walk up to one, sniff it, and promptly turn his back. Thanks for all the answers!

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