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PC software to pull videos off YouTube and put them on my iPhone/iPod (Similar to TubeTV for Mac)?

Asked by freerangemonkey (353points) October 21st, 2007

There is a great piece of software for Macs called TubeTV that allows you to pull YouTube videos off of YouTube and put them on your iPod. I cannot seem to find something similar for my PC.

Please note, I understand that some videos on YouTube have this feature enabled within YouTube. That is not what I am looking for.

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SO you want to convert videos from youtube to your iphone or pc. Heres how
1. copy the link to the youtube video
2. paste the link on , select your video output format (select ipod from the dropdown) and enter your email address
3. Click convert.
4. Zamzar will email you the link to download the converted video .

You can use Zamzar with a lot of other sites and their firefox bookmark is really useful.
There are a bunch of other sites like, —They are all free but zamzar works best for me (especially if you convert files from a lot of different sites)

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I ran a program called tubesock. Worked pretty well and really easy. Hope this helps.

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