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Are teens who wait to have sex untill married or old enough happy about it?

Asked by deszyi (4points) March 3rd, 2009

many people are happy about waited.

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I was happy that I waited until I was in college. I am happy I did not wait until marriage.

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I’m happy I waited as long as I did. I think waiting helped me make better decisions regarding my sex life. Some might argue that point (up yours, mom), but oh well.

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Some are and some aren’t. I didn’t wait, but it made no difference either way.

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I am like Marina. I was not with Marina in either instance.

I was happy I waited until college, and happy I did not wait until marriage.

I am not happy that I now wait after marriage.

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Speaking for myself (and as someone who had plenty of EBF), no.

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I didn’t wait, but I’m happy about what I chose to do.

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I’m happy I waited, and I am thinking maybe I should have waited longer because since then I can’t get enough!

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I waited until my wedding night (Dad told me no man would ever marry a nonvirgin-I’m not kidding).
My wedding night was uncomfortable.

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I’m very happy about waiting (as still am). I don’t understand people that don’t wait, sex feels good, but its purpose is to get someone pregnant. Maybe it’s because they can’t wait to have sex because they want the pleasure now and they don’t have any self control.

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I “waited,” but it wasn’t really waiting. It was an inability to find someone willing to be with me. I wish I would not have had to wait. It might have made me feel better in several ways. First, I would not have had to feel like such a loser. Second, I would have gotten some comfort, affection, and closeness that I both desired, and desperately needed.

That was the worst time of my life up until the last year. I would not wish it on anyone. Maybe I’m expecting to much for sex to have helped. But it wasn’t just the sex; it was the relationship that would have made lovemaking possible.

Anyway, these decisions are personal, and what is right is different for everyone. If you’re not ready for it, don’t let peer pressure push you into it. If you think you are ready, get a reality check. Make sure you’re doing for the right reasons—i.e., not just to lose your virginity.

The right reason is that it is a way to express the love you and your partner both feel for each other. Of course, you must also be mature enough to handle birth control and to handle the consequences if birth control doesn’t work. These are not trivial criteria, and I think far too many teens think it’s just a game that doesn’t mean much. Personally, I don’t think sex is or ever will be a game, but there are quite a few others around here who see it otherwise.

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I didn’t wait at all, and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I got the awkward days of sex out of the way when I was young and with people didn’t care about before I was experienced enough to truly enjoy it with someone who mattered.

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I’m happy I did it when the time felt right, and especially happy that I didn’t let other people coerce me into believing their idea of how old is “old enough”, and instead I went with my instincts.

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I didn’t wait and I’d have done it earlier if I’d been able to locate a willing partner. I don’t see why I should deprive myself of any of lifes pleasures. I have a lot of respect, almost awe, for people that do have enough will power and control to wait tho, as I have none!

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well i havent had the chance to test that out yet cuz im only 13 but I know for sure im going to wait until im married because i just think of the thought of having more than one penis stuck in me cuz u get lots of gross germs in u and plus u could get HIV or STD if u and the person u r gettin married to both waited then u dont have a chance at those diseases unless they cheat on u,but u gotta marry someone u know that wont and u gotta keep them excited all the time!!!But thats just my thinking <3 my idea though

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Oh and if u wait until graduating or college or engagement or marriage u still get to have sex for like 80 something years so why ruin ur life

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