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Which artists make music like this? (Question for people who are knowledgeable about Dub music)

Asked by swingliner (245points) March 3rd, 2009

So in this game you roll your mouse over all of the different objects to make music. It’s obviously dub music, but what artists sound the most similar to this game? It sounds a little bit more reverb-y, darker and experimental than the stuff I’m familiar with. Any dub experts know some artists that sound like this?

Warning: If you were going to answer with something like “Bob Marley” then this question is not for you. Thanks anyway though.

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That sounds a lot like Alpha & Omega, Dubians, and Vibronics. I’m going to be addicted to that game.

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oh my god. alpha and omega is perfect! this seems to be exactly it! thanks for the recommendations, guys.

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