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Where's a good place to go eat right now?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) March 3rd, 2009

Need some suggestions where to go eat, i live in Orlando, FL so we have a shit load of chain restaurants. Also looking for somewhere with a good beer selection.

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You’re in Orlando too?

Have you gone to “Fiddler on the Green” in Winter Park?
Or… well, there’re not tons of non-chain options, really. “Amura” on Sand Lake for sushi, but it’s $$$.

what part of orlando?

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UCF area, by East Colonial.

Went to Winghouse last night, big fan of the 32oz Blue Moon. Also frequent Lazy Moon Pizza, cant beat a pint and a big ass slice of pizze for $3.60.

There’s tons of restaurants on University Blvd. but me and my friend want something good.

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Ooh, Orlando Ale House! Best pulled pork I’ve ever had. And real hush puppies.

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I miss Orlando.

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@Triiiple yeah, that’s all chains. Fiddler on the Green is really good. authentic irish pub, was there last week. Fish n’ Chips, good brew. reasonable prices.

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I don’t know if it’s still there, but there was a little Cuban restaurant called Don Padre’s (or Don Pepe’s?) that I loved when I lived in Altamonte Springs. Their roast pork was amazing!

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@Epony: Speaking of Irish pub… there’s one in Downtown Disney.. forget what it’s called, but my Christ they had the best banger and mash I’ve ever had in my life, AND they had Strongbow. Definite plus.

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Looking for something pretty close, the one in Winter Park was about 25 minutes from me.

I hate the chain ones but it might end up that, a friend suggested High Tide Harrys anyone been there?

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@poofandmook Cooke’s or the one next to it? (the one that’s not Cooke’s is overpriced) – but in both the fish n’ chips are awesome.

had a fried snicker’s there the other day.

@laureth i think it’s Don Pepe’s.

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9 responses in and nobody has suggested “the y” yet?!? god, i have to do everything around here…


The Y.

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@Blondesjon The Y? Wouldn’t he have to pick a girl up first?

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Box lunch @ the Y

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@eponymoushipster…You don’t always have to pick a girl up. Sometimes you can kneel in front of them or they can lay on their backs and you…

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Did you guys work out that routine ahead of time?

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@Jerubarefernce to the classic abbott and costello routine who’s on first?

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@Blondesjon…as opposed to new classic ”eponymoushipster and Blondesjon Who’s eating at the Y?” routine?

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@Blondesjon, that’s what I said, silly.

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<blushes and runs from the thread>

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<gets pancakes from the frizzer>

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What about the Greek Taverna? That should be close, and I love their food.

If you like chicken, I love Huey Magoo’s.

Also in Winter Park is the Ravenous Pig.

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Tijuana Flats… hands down. As for beer it’s really hard to top the beer list at Underground Bluz.

PR’s Taco Palace in Winter Park is pretty decent too… I’d consider it one of those local places that only local people eat at.

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Went to Friendly Confines, not bad at all. 49 cent wings. Had 4 pints.

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No wasted. Fuck its tuesday

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well it is not even 8:30AM so Denny’s or IHOP is about the only places sooooooooo I would rather just have some cereal in my room.

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What’s the Y?

I think i might need another place to go to today but Lazy Moon is $2 drafts and Friendly Confines is nickle beers tonight. Oh the choices!

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The Y = lady parts.

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i think you should go to friendly confines!! they even have this thing where you can play texas holdem with anyone else there!

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