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What's your definition of a burger?

Asked by natg3o (104points) March 3rd, 2009

I saw an Arby’s commercial today and it said that they had a new “burger” out but then there was Roast Beef on it. When I think of a burger I think of a grilled patty with the works. What do you think??

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Mmm… a big fat steakburger with the works for me as well! Roast Beef is definitely not a burger!

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That’s EXACTLY what I thought lol

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A ground beef hamburger with mustard and ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and cheese. If I’m lucky it also has avocados and bacon on it. Never, never, neverrrrr onions. Onions are the devil.

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It involves ground meat, totally unlike what Arby’s is passing off as a burger. They’re just putting a few slices of roast beast in burger clothing.

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The “In and Out Double Double.

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A meat patty with onions, ketchup, a little bit of mustard, 2–3 sliced pickles, good ‘ol american cheese, and two buns, hold the sesame seeds.

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Wagyu Beef“link” is the best burger you will ever have. Top the bun with some mayo. Add some sliced onion, pickle and ketchup on a good quality soft sesame seed bun and you are in BURGER NIRVANA.
These catle originated in Japan and are fed beer and massaged daily to keep the meat so tender. Very expensive but I have had some Kobe from Texas that was outstanding and quite affordable as compared to the original Japanese strains. But I’m spoiled. In NY we have every food known to man

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Eh, I’m not a mayo fan. It just… doesn’t taste or look good.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmayo-condiment of the gods

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Of course I forgot the cheese-globs and globs of cheese,yummy, dripping, greasy burger

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The Quarter Pounder, while from McDonalds, is actually EXTREMELY delicious. Not the crap their cheeseburgers are made out of, but real beef. I don’t like the way they slice the onions on those though, I usually take most of them off, I like the little onion bits of the cheeseburger, and the rest from the Quarter Pounder. Mmmmm…. NOMNOMNOM.

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@mangeons – the big burgers are made of the exact same stuff the small burgers are made of. Exactly the same. The only difference is the size, 1/4 versus 1/8. And the little onions are reconstituted onions (they come in a package and you add water to them, let them sit for a few hours, voila onions), versus slivered onions which are actual fresh onions (although they too come presliced). You can ask for the “fake” onions (or “rehydrated”) and you’ll get them on whatever burger you want them on.

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REALLY? Well, in my opinion, they taste totally different, I think the bigger burgers are much tastier. : )

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Yup. I guess I should mention I used to work there and got up to being a manager before I left. I do agree that they’re better tasting though. I believe it has to do with the thickness of the burger. The quarter meat is roughly twice as thick, thus it holds in more juice than a burger half as thick when they’re sitting in the heated yellow trays. The cooking time for the meats plays a part too, and can determine whether you get a fresh meat or one that’s been hanging around for a long time.

The best McD burger was the Big Xtra. It was a quarter meat on a sesame bun, with ketchup and mayo, pickles, slivered onions, tomato, just a bit of leaf lettuce, and bacon (only freshly cooked by my own hands, I never eat bacon at fast food places nowadays) or cheese if you wished. It was the closest thing to a real burger I could engineer.

And here’s an answer to the actual question. I would not consider smoked meat to be a burger, and I find it a bit strange that Arby’s would claim it to be a burger because in the past they’ve sold smoked meat sandwiches labeled as smoked meat sandwiches. Still, you never know what their marketing department comes up with. I mean, look at all these advertisements with Burger King’s freaky King guy, Subservient Chicken…

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I think a burger is a patty of seasoned, ground-up bits of meat or vegetables between a split bun. Preferably toasted. With mustard, mayo, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, tomato and a couple of pickle slices, though the Australian version with tasty cheese, fried egg and beetroot is also acceptable.

And bacon.

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It’s made across from Lambeau Stadium.


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Warren Earl – 1907–1995
American jurist who served as the chief justice of the Supreme Court (1969–1986)

My definition of a burger.

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In-N-Out double double with cheese all the way and ANIMAL STYLE. I do not live on the west coast and I want one (or two) soo bad! Nothing compares.

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@ aprilsimnel- I love fried egg on a burger. Yum.

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Cheese, a lot of lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mushrooms (cooked) or the same with baked beans and no mushrooms.

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@Bri_L – I haven’t been to Krolls since I was 15. In college, I got my burger on at Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry on Frances Street in Madison.

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Your a badger to? Did you ever get a Shed burger or a Burger at Liz Waters?

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Well, if you want to be a Badger, come sing along with me by the bright shining light of the moon…

@Bri_L – Yep, the Shed and Liz Waters. Ah, good ol’ Liz Waters. I used to love fire drills there. It was still a women-only dorm when I was there. Football and basketball players clamoring half-naked out of windows, trying to sneak out the fire exits… And then, on snowy days, traying down the hill next to the dorm (appropriately liquored up, of course). And then going to the Shed after for burgers and fries. Good times.

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When I think of a burger, it is a meat patty, cooked by me, that is prepared the way I like and dressed up nicely with all my favorite condiments such as lettuce, pickles, and onions.

I stopped associating real burgers with the nutritional disasters found at various fast food restaurants because they are poorly made, nasty looking, and not very appetizing for the most part.

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I worked at and closed the Shed my very first ever day in college. Then when my twin brother became a manager there I got transfered to Liz waters. I was the only guy there. It was all girls then to. I became the first male supervisor there ever. I met my wife there.

I loved sliding down the hill. Once I went down standing up with a tray under each foot. Then at the bottom I jumped and landed in the brush across the way. I was so f’d up.

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lettuce special sauce slice cheese 2 beef patties and a sesame seed bun, lol

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It has to be some sort of grilled meat stuck in a roll cut in half. If it’s toast bread or a loaf etc I don’t consider it a “burger” even though I’d be willing to accept “chickenburgers” or even “fishburgers”. But if you put (cold) ham or salami or (God forbid!) vegetables, then no, it’s no burger in my book.

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I know that the definition of burgers has expanded in the last decade or so, but I have a hard time considering anything with roast beef a burger. And vegiburgers I think are an abomination—even though I’d say 75% of my meals are entirely vegetarian.

A burger to me is at minimum SOME sort of ground meat on a bun. My preference is a good low fat ground beef, cooked medium rare, with lettuce, tomatoe, onion and mustard, on a bun—and not from any of the fast food places. As I say, about 75% of my meals are entirely vegetarian, but every once in I while I like to have a good, old-fashioned hamburger.

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Eh, I don’t like tomatoes either. Never have.

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