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So, how many Fluther Irish do we have?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) March 3rd, 2009

It’s March. How many of you Flutherers have Irish roots.

I’m only part Irish…the part that goes from my mouth to my liver.

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Complete mutt reporting in but there’s definitely some Irish in me.

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I proudly kiss the Blarney.

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50%, my mom was born in ireland, and my name is Erin!

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Italian-American here. Sorry!

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Kiss me i’m not Irish ;)

I’m Sicilian-German-American. I wish I had some Irish roots. I love partaking in St. Patrick’s Day festivities though!

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Parli un po’ di Italiano?

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Sulle palabra mal! (I KNOW the spelling is whack)

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Mi dispiace di parlare l’italiano in un thread sul irlandese, tutti.

Yeah so back to talking about Irish stuff.

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That’s one collective my ancestors didn’t tap. I’m not Irish in the least. People have thought I am from how much alcohol I can retain and my seemingly nonexistent hangovers. Maybe Cherokee Indians boozed it up? Idk.

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@onesecondregrets, supposedly Indians DO have a serious alcohol problem, actually.

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I’m 3/8ths Irish.

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Mostly French and toss in a bit of German, Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

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1/8 or thereabouts. And half Italian.

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@Mr_M ..learn something new every day, and hahah that’s amusing then.

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I am Irish to some extent.

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@erincollins holy crap you still get on here? And your are a member of the Collins clan now and we drink just like were Irish!

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@madcapper I think its a good thing you’re not here for St. patty’s day… we would have all ended up in jail or something crazy like that!

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hahaha definitely! I am not sure what I am doing yet but I will probably end up down on campus since my other friends work 9–5’s so they can’t start drinking at noon with me haha

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Yep… got some Irish in me.

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The only Irish in me is Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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My mom is from Ireland…County Mayo

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Irish. Can trace roots back to John ______ who came to the New World in 1692 from Ireland.

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I’m Irish. Very Irish. But I’m black Irish, so I have black hair. I think I’d be really cool to have red hair, though.

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I’m a mutt, but I do have a lot of Irish in me. Both of my great grandparents on the paternal side were from Ireland. On the maternal side, my great grandfather was from Ireland.

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Anyone want to join me in a jig?

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I’m an 8th :)

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I’ll join you Astro.

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I’m Irish, born here, live here all my family are Irish. Also looking forward to Paddys day! Liver is now vintage and is well prepared!

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Second generation here. Irish….I bleed green.

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