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How often should I empty the cache on my web browser?

Asked by nmguy (528points) March 4th, 2009
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I only empty it when I’m having problems with my browser. It’s not something I do regularly.

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Every so often when I remember.

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I’m not sure how often you SHOULD, but I tend to do it like once a day, which is probably a lot more often than needed.

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You generally don’t need to. Your computer will remove older pages automatically to keep the cache at a reasonable size.

The only time you might need to is if the web page you’re looking at has incorrectly indicated to your browser that it does not change very often, and you want to see an up-to-the-minute version after it changes.

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Every session, if you are using a computer that is used by anyone else. Otherwise, you can set the size of the cache to whatever you’re happy with, and let the system decide when to push off the old stuff.

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I do it every time someone is about to come to my house, do you know how detrimental it could be if they saw my google searches?

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Depends on how often the cachemen pick up.

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Oooo, Marina you are witty this morning!

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I keep mine set to zero. I have a fast Internet connection.

And we should define the cache. It just stores pages you just used. If you delete it for privacy you are doing it wrong. You want to delete your history file. They are totally separate things.

Do a force reload on a page if it is giving you problems. Usually shift + reload… You shouldn’t ever need to deal with your cache.

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