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What would you put on your vanity plate?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) March 4th, 2009

I asked my wife this this morning. She didn’t know. Do you?

What would your plate say? Why?

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Mine Says DR BILL

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I always giggle at the ones that show different messages while viewed through a mirror.

I would love a license plate that had “42” on it, but no doubt it’s been long taken.

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Down the road from me is a house that has a bentley and an Aston martin parked out side. One has the number plate 2B and the other is NOT 2B.

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My nick name at one of my jobs was “Mac” because of my name. I always wanted that on my plates. It’s so funny that two of my friends over on AV just started calling me that on their own.

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Used to drive a Toyota MR2.

My plate was MR.2 YOU.

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@drBill – I would laugh if I saw that. I keep thinking “ooo no, dr. bill” <—in mr. bill voice

pha q 2


Le Car

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I know an X-Ray tech with the plate,


(I see in you)

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@Triiiple, do you find that the police read your plate as PULLMEOVR?

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Mine would say 4XYS N ME, I never got it though because every time I’d tell someone my idea they would say it didn’t make sense. Well it makes perfect sense to me! My dad used to have plates that said BEER 2, he spent a lot of time complaining about how often he was pulled over for sobriety tests. lol4rl!

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unfortunately, the people for whom it’s intended would never notice it

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Mine reads HUMMM BB.

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I would like to have ROW4FOOD

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Mine says, “2N2PUGS” as in, I am too into pugs.

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@loser – A pug is a dog right?

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Yup! I have 3 of them. They’re really fun to collect!

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DESIRE – as in the movie “a street car named desire” I’ve never seen it, but it sounds pretty cool. ‘corse, I like DRAGULA too, (even if it’s too long for a plate)

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I drive a Saturn astra that I’m wanting to rebadge as an Opel because that’s what they were originally built as. So the plate would be FAUXPEL.

There’s a family friend that has had a lexus ls430 and now a top of the line mercedes sedan with a plate that said PCAJUNK or piece of junk.

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My parents always wanted to get me one that said STNKYTNKY. A nickname they gave me as a child.
I don’t think I could ever drive a car with a vanity plate.

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of course :D

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I have “JAG SS” on my Impala SS. I wanted “DRAGULA” but couldn’t find any available (or allowable) variation of it.

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In california, you have the option of putting a symbol (star, heart, plus sign, etc.) on your vanity plate.

A friend of mine came up with: HOOF (heart symbol) ED.

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1FINE69 No, not dirty. Its on a 1969 GTO convertible.

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mine says “Wandern” it’s German for “to hike” or “to wander”. My sister is in culinary school hers says “savory” which I think is pretty cool.

A number of times I was driving around my town and saw one that said “9danke” and I never thought about it at all until one day, stopped at a red light it occurred to me that it was German for “no thanks”. That was pretty awesome.

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@Knotmyday Lurve… that was awesome.

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