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What's your favorite way to lounge around?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) March 4th, 2009

Do you like a hot cup of tea and your laptop on your lap? Or would you prefer a glass of wine and reruns of Sex in the City? How about a growler full of your favorite beer and a Back to the Future marathon? Bed or couch? Are you alone?

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Tea and a laptop, yes, but the original laptop…a cat.

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Movie, tons of soda, and unlimited nachos!

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Hot cocoa and a Monty Python/Doctor Who/Any-British-series-care-package-I-get-on-DVD-from-my-English-friend marathon.

The last time I had one of those, it was for all three series of Black Books. So nice.

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I like all those ideas! I don’t have a specific plan, I just do whatever sounds good that day. Movie in bed, a good book in a sunny window, music and a bath, ice cream in the car, whatever it takes to feel relaxed works for me.

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@aprilsimnel – have you ever seen the Vicar of Dibley? I love that one. We are into MI-5 now.

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Sex and the city, food, and a couch. Thats all I ever need.

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Unless you count fluther, I don’t do that any more.

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@Bri_L – Yup. ‘S all right. I’ve seen a lot of the old “normal” type sitcoms like Are You Being Served?, The Vicar of Dibley, Keeping Up Appearances, One Foot in the Grave, Coupling… But I’m more in the wacky, surrealist sitcom camp: Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, The Young Ones, AbFab and so on. BTW, Wendy Richards died last week! She was the blonde Miss Brahms on Are You Being Served? :(

Back on topic, sometimes I like to lounge in the bath with a book, as well.

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A glass of wine with a marathon of romantic movies Starting movie would have to be Pretty Woman

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Oddly, I love to lounge in my car. Park somewhere nice, listen to podcasts, read comic books, nap.

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These all sound great! Who’s joining me for all of it immediately?

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Game on!!!!

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I am actually in my car, lounging, right this minute.

So I’m with ya.

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Fluther and a beverage. Although, I have discovered on more than one occaision that the two don’t always go together well!

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Tea, a good book.

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Diet coke, laptop, laying on the couch with just a big shirt on, tv. Ahhhh man I can’t wait Til the weekend!! (maybe some chocolate chip cookies too)

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Curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee (decaf, little bit of sugar, little bit of milk), something chocolate, and a good book. I think I’ll go do that right now…

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In my bed, with a diet coke (really cold and in the can), with my laptop all up on the internet. Then when I’ve finished the internet, I put down the laptop and pick up a book. mmmm

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@saranwrapper : LOL “finished the internet.”

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@elijahsuicide : I like the sunny window.

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@Harp I’ve got tea, a laptop and a cat on top of my laptop

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You lucky, lucky, unallergic people with your cats! Fie! FIE, I say! I wanna kitty!

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On my days off from work, I always like sitting down at my computer with a cup of coffee, after dinner, and settling in for some nice Fluthering in the late evening hours.

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Just lounging around hasn’t been a very common occurrence lately, but, in the distant memories of it, I enjoyed curling up in some super comfy pj’s and fuzzy socks with a giant mug of coffee, my laptop (obviously with Fluther pulled up) and the Travel Channel providing some background noise. I would have wanted to have no plans for the night or for the next day. My mom would be there, sitting across the living room on the couch, looking at Veranda magazines, and occasionally making a comment on something she was looking at or a destination on TV…..

sigh… I miss home…

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My favorite way to lounge around is naked.

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Always the provocative one, our Tits is. ;-)

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@daloon: “Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it!”

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Yah, yah. It’s out of your control. The devil made you do it. Yeah, I’ve heard it all, babe. Been around the world in a tin boat. Been drunk in 100 cities. There’s never a girl as didn’t say it warn’t her fault. Not a one.

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@daloon: I wanna have been drunk in 100 cities! (Wow, the verb tenses in that sentence alone…) And I think “The Devil Made Me Do It” is my theme song… especially when the seminary is involved…

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There’s something I don’t understand. You’re in a seminary, “lounging” around (just trying to stay on topic), and you get up from your “lounging” to discover where you are. Why the hell are you not running naked from room to room, scaring these poor boys out of their wits?

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@daloon: I didn’t figure it out until far after the “lounging” was over… It wasn’t until I walked outside, looked up, and saw the seminary’s banner, and then looked at the street sign, and found that I had just walked onto “Seminary Row.” Otherwise, I would’ve definitely caused a little trouble before I left. I did get a few odd looks walking down the hall to the bathroom. I should’ve put two and two together when I saw that the communal women’s bathroom didn’t have a shower.

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My laptop, a box of Graham Crackers, and a tall glass of chocolate milk.

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on fluther
lounging for me basically requires only 3 things: a really big tshirt, a cup of coffee/snapple/pink lemonade/tea, and conor oberst music playing from somewhere.

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When I lounge, I’m in my jammies with my laptop on my lap. I have my lovable puppies underfoot (literally!) and my kitties trying to “fix” my hair for me. A large mug of chai tea perches next to me. I have a candle lit in the bathroom and my Kindle near the tub, so I can relax more after I get done lounging.

I’m such a slug on my day off

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a really beat-up ragged old dressing gown and really dirty beat up ugg boots. Scrunched in front of my big pc screen. 3 windows : trading platform, you tube, fluther. My husband HATES my outfit. @Sloane2024 makes me miss me mum so much I want to cry….....

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Duvet, sofa, big tub of ice cream and the tv remote!!! Bliss

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