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Good bands?

Asked by varey14 (57points) March 4th, 2009

hey, i enjoy listening to music such as: goo goo dolls,foo fighters, matchbox twenty and counting crows. Can anyone suggest other bands of a similar genre that i might like? thanks

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<being serious>
have you tried using Pandora or perhaps the Genius feature in iTunes? They can make decent recommendations based on your current musical tastes.
</being serious>

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There are many websites that will tell you what bands you may be interested in based on who you listen to now. Here’s an article of someone who tested a bunch, so you can visit the sites he tested and try them for yourself.

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thanks guys

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Wow, I can’t believe you suggested Ours! I absolutely love them. A friend of my brother’s used to play bass for them. They are a NJ band. Jimmy Gnecco has an amazing voice.

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@rawpixels… that’s awesome. Usually people are shocked when they realize that someone else knows who Ours is. LOL

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In my opinion, they should be huge by now. Their music is incredible. Anyway, it’s nice to see others who know who they are :)

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Try out LastFm, they have lots of great recommendations.

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I’m listening to Sammy Davis Jr. sing Candyman on lastfm right now.

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