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Is there a cookie that really beats chocolate chip?

Asked by toleostoy (282points) March 4th, 2009

You may grow tired of Chips Ahoy or something like that, and macadamia nut cookies are pretty good, but is there anything better than the classic?

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Chocolate chocolate chip!

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Yes, the peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle. Mmm-mm, good, with more possibilities than Cambpell’s Chicken Noodle Soup! :)

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I’ll bet a rocky-road type cookie would taste pretty darn good!

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Oatmeal Raisin.
The ones you get from Costco’s bakery must contain crack.

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My very favorite is excellent shortbread, which I prefer to chocolate chip.

After that, homemade oatmeal cookies.

Then, homemade peanut butter cookies.

Then, chocolate chip cookies.

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And Snicker Cookies (with actual chunks of Snicker bar in them) Yum!

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Darn it. Now I want a fresh baked cookie!

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Ooh. I forgot anisette cookies! Mmmm.

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@toleostoy Have you ever had classic chocolate chip made as brownies? Yum.

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My favorites are:
white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
oatmeal chocolate and peanut butter cookies
and of course my nonna’s biscotti <3

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I make a pretty mean snickerdoodle, everyone thinks they’re heaven, but I don’t really like them that much. I once made 4 dozen for the 6th grade school picnic, and they were all eaten. I also made them for my teachers once, and they loved them. I also make a pretty mean carmelized apple on the stove, I’ve heard. I’m great with sweet things, but I don’t really like the things I bake most of the time. Kinda ironic, eh? ; )

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Yes there is. Macadamia Nut cookies with chocolate chips in them. And Double Stuff Oreos are pretty darn good also.

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Chocolate duo with walnuts from panera. (Chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips and walnuts sooo good.)

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My favorite cookies are straight-out-of-the-oven sugar/snickerdoodle cookies. Nothing beats those. After that, it’s macadamia for me.

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I love Snickerdoodles! But, I can only eat so many. I can eat an infinite amount of chocolate chip cookies though. I just demolished a bag of Trader Joe’s bakery cookies in two days :(

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Nope. Chocolate chip is the ultimate. Especially when they’re warm and gooey… ok, I need to bake some now

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@essieness Chocolate chip cookies are pure HEAVEN when they are warm and soft and the chocolate chips are melty and gooey. :P

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I love a well-made Shortbread cookie! Yum. Heath Bar cookies are great, and then Chocolate Chip cookies – they must have pecans in them!

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Peanut butter with chocolate chips!

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Heath Bars=Heaven. ♥

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jonsblond’s peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies.

she does put a little crack in them

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pb/chocolate chip are goooood. :d

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I forgot about this cookie.

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@mangeons – you speak the truth….heath bars=Heaven!

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No! Why on God’s green Earth would you ask that!?!?

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You have obviously never tasted my soon-to-be-famous Snickerdoodles. They are, in fact, already famous here in my neighborhood!

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Almond Cookies form the Chinese Restaurant and the Italian ones with the cherry in the middle!

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Who could resist these??

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Keebler Chewy Cookies

Very Filling

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My daughter just made me really, truly delicious chocolate chip cookies. Homemade, with a bunch of her secrets. Delicious. If you want to know how, I believe she has the recipe on her blog: Enjoy!

Yes, it’s there: Nov. 30 2008: Dude Food.

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Give me chocolate chip anyday.

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Would you guys just stop! I’ve gained five pounds just reading this thread!

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I can never find heath bars where I work. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they know? It’s always three musketeers, and snickers and twix and never the best mass produced candy on this planet. Never!

Anyway, it’s nice to see some fellow fanatics. Surprising, too.

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Potato cookies are way better.

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@NaturalMineralWater – OK, I’ll bite. Potato cookies? my husband’s grandma makes potato candy…a little too sweet for me. I wonder if it’s the same concept.

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And those who said otherwise are now dead to me.

at least until the next thread;^ )

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@cak I do believe it is the same. We just call them cookies. =) Roll them out.. spread peanut butter or jam or whatever you want the filling to be on it… then roll em up and slice em… good stuff

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@NaturalMineralWater – I think he’ll do the happy dance after I tell him someone else likes potato cookies/candy. I truly never heard of it before him…now there’s two people. darn, that means I have to stop telling how odd he is…wait, I can still think of a few reasons. :)

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@cak HA! I learned of potato candy/cookies from my wife’s grandmother. I wonder what the origin of this recipe is. xD

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I just grab a Heath bar occasionally at the grocery store, they also have Heath Ice Cream at the Baskin Robins here, I have yet to try that too. I feel so bad for you, @daloon! :D ((pats on back reasurringly))

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Oh yeah, and those Peanut Butter Patties Girl Scout cookies are heaven too, I’ve eaten 2 boxes alone before! cough COULD. Could.

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@mangeons : Edy’s has a special edition ice cream out now with those peanut butter girl scout cookies in it. It’s the most delicious way to stop up your arteries I’ve found so far.

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girl scouts are evil

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My daughter’s a Girl Scout. I hadn’t realized that about her. Thanks for letting me know.

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@AstroChuck: You didn’t know Girl Scouts were evil? What, were you raised by badgers?

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@bythebay. How about Brownies? They’re an offshoot of Girl Scouts or something right? Are they evil too? :-)

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@Bluefreedom:Girl Scouts, Brownies, Blue Jays…all evil protagonists of joy & cookies.

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i’ve always been more of an oreo girl than chips ahoy, but as for ‘classic’ cookie types that everyone makes…hm. i really love peanut butter cookies. they kind of rival chocolate chip for first place on my list.

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excuse me, but I was raised by badgers and I know girlscouts are evil. In the future, please refrain from casting aspersions on the morals of badgers. As to wombats…

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And those freakin’ muskrats…

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Yes. Well. Muskrats!

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I suppose they’re a step above Nutria

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ok. You know I like dancing around the shores of the sewage treatment plant as much as anyone. But I draw the line at putting my paw in!

Mud cookies are not exactly my favorite, although it does depend on the kind of mud we’re using.

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@ubersiren I NEED SOME. xD

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@daloon: hey, if you were raised by badgers, too…is there a chance you & AC are related?

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If you get real close, I’ll whisper a secret in your ear…. no, closer….


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AC didn’t mention CC Cookies in his answer

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Hey! Look over there! Is that an ostrich?

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No, you dork, it’s a chupacabra. ;P

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Doh! I knew that! Brain fart. Excuse me while I go clean up.

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For me, anything peanut butter.

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