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Are there any free online media cataloging sites on which I can list my collections?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30699points) March 4th, 2009

Once upon a time, I had my entire media collection posted on Guzzlefish. But one day, Guzzlefish just up and died! I have some DVDs listed on DVD Aficionado right now, but it’s kinda meh as a site.


I want to be able to list all my CDs, mp3s and DVDs online. I don’t know why. It appeals to me somehow. If such a site could also give me an approximate value for my collection, like the dearly departed Guzzlefish, that’d be super, but it’s not necessary. My Google-fu is weak in this area. Try as I might, I’m not seeing any type of site like GF. Where are you listing your media? Do you like it? Is it free?

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lurve to the question for Google-fu! I’m gunna have to start saying that

I dunno what platform you run at home, but if you’re on mac, then you should give Delicious Library a try… It does all of what you’re trying to do (I think) and more… Worth a look!

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I forgot to say I’m on a PC. Sorry.

@kevinhardy – I’m not looking for action figures, but thanks anyway.

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