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If you could meet yourself, say a doppleganger or some other form in order o do so, what would you do, say, think?

Asked by invic (110points) March 4th, 2009

Even more thinking again. I myself would kick the living crap out of myself for the person i am. not saying that i am dispicable r anything, but out of diappointment and angst.

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I just read your other question – I’m sorry to hear you feel this way about yourself. I’m not sure how old you are – I’m wondering what stage of life you are in – teens? Twenties? Older?

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@cak as usual for those in my age area, teens. ima be 17 in 2 weeks

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Well buddy, I’m a just few weeks older than you, and often fall into moments of self loathing myself. Best way I can get over it is to be with my friends. They love me and I love them, and it’s hard not to feel better about yourself when you can feel that warmth.

But I mean, there are other ways to feel that. Hobbies, work, school, or church. shudders.

Anyway, try to find what makes you happy, and do that as much as you can. Hating yourself all over the internet is a pretty shitty way to feel better :)

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@invic – 17 is pretty hard for some people. Teenage years, in general, can be pretty darn difficult. Is there anyone in your life that you can talk to about how you feel?

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not really. my dad despises me, my mom said i was a mistake so yeah. other ppl are diks. heheheh, this cracks me up. i know its effed up but i think its funny. i dnt know why

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I met my doppelganger when I moved to a new high school during my junior year. She was a snotty bitch, actually, so I didn’t talk to her.

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i hope i never have one

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Oddly enough, I’d probably have a brief fling with him, and then afterwards, we would despise each other.

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