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Do you know any alarms that work with iPhone?

Asked by sam (83points) October 22nd, 2007

i havent been able to find any alarm/speaker/charger combos for the iphone, any ideas?

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I just use the iPhone’s built-in alarm. As for speaker docks, I have no knowledge… sorry.

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ihome works fine as long as you’re in airplane mode, otherwise you get the annoying GSM click-click-click, click-click-click. But the built-in alarm works fine for me. Or are you trying to wake up to music?

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yes, i would like to wake up to music, and also just have speakers that dont give annoying feedback, apple has said they will relese “works with iphone” but i havent seen any yet

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I haven’t seen much of anything that “works with iPhone” in the way of devices that use the dock connector to transmit music. (iTrip, iHome, etc.) Apparently Griffin’s working on a new version of the iTrip for the iPhone, but given the basic problem of RF interference my guess is that it’s only really going to be solved by new hardware (iPhone second generation) or by taking the audio from the (seemingly better shielded) headphone jack.

Let me know if you do find any accessories that work with the iPhone, though.

As far as waking up to music, the simplest solution is to use a laptop, if you have one, and some open-source software.

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