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Good pair of head Phones not alot of soud leakage and good bass, any ideas?

Asked by tehrani625 (405points) March 4th, 2009

I currently have a pair of B&O ear buds and a pair of Sennheiser HD600’s and I love both. I want a pair of head phones from a good brand that are less then $100 and are not bad when hooked up to my iPod. I listen to a wide variety of music but have found that I mostly listen to rock various incarnations of techno and some Hip-Hop. Also I am taking suggestions for a reasonably priced headphone amp for my Sennnheisers.

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I have some skullcandys and they provide excellent sound. They come in buds, smaller headphones, Clip headphones, and dj style ones of slightly varying size. The bigger you go the more powerful the sound. They’re multiple times times clearer than ipod buds and you pick up smaller, subtler notes and beats that don’t exist on the ipod buds even if you cup your hands over them.
Range from $20-something for buds to $99 for wireless ones.
haha, i sound like a spokesperson.

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I have skullcandy full metal jacket ones and I don’t think they are very good.

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I just bought another pair of the apple ones that come with ipods. I think they’re really good for buds, and you don’t have to worry about losing those damn little squishy bud things.

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Sony MDR-EX71 earbuds are what I have, in white. They also come in black. They come with varying pads of different sizes. Great noise suppression, and clear sound for you. Good, clear bass, handles highs well, too. I got them for about $50US. They have an extension cable so if you want to put your iPod in an outer pocket, say, you’re good. The normal cable is short enough to put your mp3 player in a shirt pocket.

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depends if you want in ear or on ear but regardless of this sennhieser is the place to go and you can pick a new pair off ebay for cheap
in ear i would say cx500 or cx game

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My Bose in-ear headphones have good base, don’t leak music, and have customizable ear pieces. They retail for $85–99 USD.

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I’d recommend just about anything by SkullCandy.

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I’d recommend the pro series of earphones. They can become really expensive at the higher end of the range but there should be something to suit most budgets.

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* self-edit: good bass

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@mcbealer yea, I have something against scullcandys and their shitty construction.

I also can’t wear the headphones with the little rubber tips on them, they are always too tight and they slip out. I was thinking of something that goes over or on ear. I like sennhieser, so I will look their.

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the sennieser in ear but you get extra size of rubber tips mine never fall out

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I plan on getting the Etymotic ones for my iphone, but they’re over your price range.

FYI – Custom molds can be mad for nearly any in-ear device. So if you want the best acoustic seal that is comfortable and won’t fall out, see your local Audiologist. They’ll add another $100–200 to the cost, but you’ll love them.

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I’ve got a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pros that sound really nice. They are closed back so there is minimal sound leakage and that also makes them sound isolating. I picked mine up for $90 at my Guitar Center (surprisingly inexpensive compared to online buys around $100).

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sennhieser..i think that’s how you spell it….

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