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Who was your first favorite band?

Asked by funkyfest (58points) March 4th, 2009

Mine was Blink 182. Then it went Nirvana, The Who, Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, and now it’s Defiance, Ohio.

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Third Eye Blind.

Maybe Def Leppard (thank you Mom)

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Red hot chilli peppers

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First was The Beatles. I got the 1967–1970 album from my dad and listened to it non-stop. I think I was the only 8 year old who dug The Beatles.

Then I remember the very serious, very sincere discussion my dad and I had about Jimi Hendrix which was the same point at which I received my first Hendrix album. Then, he became my second favorite. I was 13.

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Bon Jovi. Shut up <shame>
That’s the first band I liked on my own. Before that it was anything my dad listened to like Led Zeppelin and Pink floyd.

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Oh snap, probably The Kingston Trio. That’s what my dad listened to when I was little (my mom listened mostly to NPR and opera, and I wasn’t getting too into those when I was six or seven, though I am now!), and I pretty much wanted to be him, so I loved them too. Still do, but I don’t think I’d call them my favorite band anymore, haha.

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@elijahsuicide Aw. Don’t worry, I jammed out to Livin’ on a Prayer too.

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@elijahsuicide There’s no shame in Bon Jovi!
My first favorite was The New Kids on the Block. I was hangin’ tough with the NKOTB.

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@Likeradar NKOTB was my first obsession, like to the point I needed help.

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@elijahsuicide Hell yeah, Bon Jovi, loved him to.
being a Jersey Girl and all ;]

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@elijahsuicide Ooooh, you present an interesting twist… first band you liked on your own? Now I’m trying to think of mine. I think it was Mazzy Star.

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Another Defiance Ohio fan. I have a shirt.

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….hanging head in major shame…..Duran Duran.

Editing to add: 80’s Duran Duran…when I was a teen.

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Blondie is the one I’ll admit to.

But it may, or may not have been Ace of Base. Shut up.

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@elijahsuicide I had a pretty serious obsession too… it was bad. Did you go to the reunion concert? It was pretty much my inner 10 year old’s fantasy come true.

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Ohhh, mine was the Bay City Rollers, I sooo loved them.

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@Likeradar I wanted to but no one would go with me. They all laughed at me.

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The Beatles. I was 5.

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dude. @elijahsuicide Seriously? Bon Jovi??? I mean come on….

Linkin Park, (I go to projeckt revolution every year….)

—Tommy used to work on the docks, Unions been on strike
Hes down on his luck…its tough, so tough…—

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@elijahsuicide Awww, so sad. My best friend flew in for the weekend just for the show. Good times. Your friends sound so uncool. :)

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Oh, on my own? Hall & Oates. I was 11. But The Beatles were my favourites again by 15.

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When I was little my dad always played r.e.m! “losing my religion” was my favorite song at like, age five! A band with no parental influence was no doubt.. And of course blink182 when I was 11/12

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I remember being in kindergarten and being strangely attracted to Guns n’ Roses. In fact, my very first crush was Axel Rose. Oh, those were the days.

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My first? I guess I’d have to say the Chipmunks.

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E lectric L ight O rchestra

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Hey, hey we’re the Monkees!

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ELO was my band in High School.

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Dire Straits
still are

I listened to Duran Duran, the Eurythmics and Status Quo when I was younger, but I wasn’t as crazy about them as I was about the Dire Straits. Oh and Jethro Tull.

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The Monkees—5th grade.

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The Kinks but I think primarily to counter my brother’s love for the Beatles (who I also like).

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@AstroChuck. You had your own band called ELO or they were your favorite band?

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When I was a kid I listened to tons of country music, my first concert was Reba McEntire, but my first FAVORITE band was when I was in 3rd grade…it was The Beatles, followed by Hanson (I was an 11 year old during the Hanson craze. It was inevitable ;)!). Followed by No Doubt, though if asked who my favorite band was today i’d probably have a really hard time answering. To be honest, I may have reverted back to the Beatles haha.

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The Doors I was 14

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@elijahsuicide The first concert I ever attended was Bon Jovi in 1986. Ratt opened for them.

sweet memories :)

I believe Madonna and Run-D.M.C. were the first cassette tapes that I bought on my own.

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U2 (congrats on another great album)

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I just heard Def Leopard and Poison are coming to town.
Yep. I’m going.
@Kiev749 yep, I’m sufficiently embarrassed. I do think that linkin park is worse though.

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No, No, No. Linkin Park is not worse. They gave me Significant Street cred in high school. :P

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Haha I remember my brother’s wrestling team getting “pumped” to Linkin Park. All the jocks loved it.

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yeah…. we got pumped before we played football… and before we bowled… they had some good stuff to get the adrenaline going.

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When I was four I came across America (the horse with no name) and loved it! Soon thereafter it was Eagles and then Pink Floyd!
They all still are!

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My first was New Kids On The Block (I went to the reunion by myself… it was a religious experience. I needed to be there alone. Tied up a lot of loose ends), then probably The Monkees, then The Beatles, then Metallica, then Tom Petty.

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America, when I was 9 or 10.

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@poofandmook Lurve for your NKOTB concert experience. :)

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The Beatles.

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Men at Work and Styx.

what? my parents belonged to columbia house records and never returned the selection of the month

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Jethro Tull

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good charlotte. i am really almost embarrassed, but at the same time not really. they helped me figure a lot of things out, even though they are the cheesiest band ever. i actually really liked AFI and blink 182 before them, but i didn’t consider either of those my favourites.
oh and linkin park. man. i used to really like them.

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@tiffy: lurve for AFI, as long as you’re not talking about the screaming-all-the-time stuff on the earlier albums. Sing the Sorrow on, lurve. Before that, disregard lurve ;)

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@poofandmook – Oh no, the early AFI is my favorite! But Lurve for both of you still.

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No Who wasn’t my favorite band, U2 was.


No Who wasn’t my favorite band Who was on first.

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@forestgeek: How do you feel about Blaqk Audio?

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@poofandmook haha i can’t remember what i started off on, but i’m pretty sure i didn’t hear any of their more scream-y stuff until later. i don’t dislike all of the scream-y stuff though haha. so i’ll take 1/2 lurve. (;

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I went to high school in San Diego. My best friend and I were insane fans of early Van Halen. The first few weeks after me getting my drivers license we drove up to Los Angeles “to find Van Halen” and spent he day roaming the Sunset Strip. We actually got into the Rainbow and drank beer. We spent the entire day ooohing and ahhhhing outside Gazzarri’s and Whisky a Go Go.

That evening we’re driving back to the Hollywood freeway to go home when my friend starts violently slapping me and breathlessly saying “TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND”. David Lee Roth was actually filming what turned out to be a MTV video segment. It was also a Hit Parader magazine. He was walking out of the Hollywood Athletic Club with a couple of scantily clad women dressed as cops, hauling him away, with a bunch of faux 40s newspaper reporters flashing pictures. They had like 5 takes doing the same thing. So between takes I go up and ask for his autograph – and he gives me the biggest smile he’s got, and grabs the pen and bites it hard, leaving massive teeth mark imprints, and hands it back: “Here you go kid.” That was his signature.

My friend and I almost fainted at how cool that was.

We hung out and ultimately tried to follow him to wherever he was going. Alex Van Halen and like four other guys picked him up in an old thrashed VW bug. We tried to chase them but they ran a bunch of red lights and expertly ditched us.

Some time later I had a fistfight with a guy to lay claim to the guitar pick Eddie tossed to the crowd.

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