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Runners: does this ring true for you, or am I just weird?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) March 4th, 2009

Over the last week, I’ve had a revelation. I used to think I loooooved running. I realized that I don’t. Running’s okay. What I actually love is listening to music with really loud bass, and how when I run, a lot of the blood that usually supplies my brain with oxygen is diverted to my muscles, so it feels like my brain is pretty much turned off. (It’s kind of like being drunk, but I’m not laughing my ass off).

Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

So, I figured out why I run. Why do you run?

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You’re not weird at all. I differ from you with the music- I don’t listen to music when I run- but the brain shut off thing is my favorite part of running. I still remember fondly the first time my my brain turned off while I was running. I had always spent my whole run thinking about how much further I wanted to go, how much my legs hurt, etc. Then one day I realized I had been thinking absolutely NOTHING during a run, and it was wonderful. The zen (not sure if that’s the right word) I achieve running always feel more relaxed and afterwards.

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I run for several reasons actually. First of all, I love to run and I enjoy the health benefits that come from this. Secondly, I have Type II diabetes and my treatment regimen is diet, medication, and exercise (running being my choice of exercise). And lastly, I am administered physical fitness tests twice a year in the military and running keeps me in very good condition for those tests.

For the times that I bring my iPod with me on my runs, the music sometimes helps me run at a more fluid pace, it seems, but I haven’t had a reaction like you with the blood diverted to muscles although I can understand how it might happen in your case.

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all thought process goes to the hands and where my feet are and i cant really wear a headset…. The coach would yell… but the crowd is deafening.

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TOTALLY. The reason I posted on that last question is because running got me through my last breakup. Alcohol could dull the shittiness, but running made everything disappear for as long as I could keep it up.

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Before I was told to put my running on hold, running helped me reach that point where nothing else mattered. The entire time I was running, I never ever thought about cancer. Sometimes, music won’t allowed that peace of mind I desire, other days, it was the inspiration I needed to keep going.

The broken foot is keeping me from running…hopefully, the damage that was done – along with the break, won’t prevent me from running, again.

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I don’t know about this runner’s high but I think La chica gomela is a little weird.

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Yeah, running can be totally Zen. That is one of the reasons I love it. Riding my motorcylce through the mountains or climbing also give me this feeling. But running also gives me the feeling that my body is a finely tuned machine. I love the feeling when you just find your “groove” and feel like you could go forever. I also like how I feel there is a hot, blue fire burning in my belly, like the fire in a blast furnace, and that my body is performing at peak efficiency.

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YEP! Right there with you. I tried running the other day and just enjoy nature and the sounds around me, and I tired out VERRY quickly, but as soon as I put the iPod back on I was good to go… I run to beats and I don’t like to hear myself breath either. ahahah.

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