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Is there a simple tool to down convert the quality of mp3s for size purposes?

Asked by dalepetrie (18024points) March 5th, 2009

I am trying to put everything I have and want on my Zune and when I rip CDs, I rip them all at 128, but some of the holes in my collection, I’ve been downloading, and most of the downloads are at higher bit rates. Let’s say I downloaded 200 albums at an average of double the 128 bit rate, well, that means I’ve just robbed myself of space for 200 albums. So what I’m looking for is a program, preferably a free one, where I can specify the folders (I have one folder per artist and a sub folder per album) I would like to convert all MP3s in that folder from whatever the bit rate is to 128. Is there such a thing? I don’t want something where I have to do it one file at a time, that would take forever. And I can’t really afford to buy anything pricey to do it, if I end up getting to the end of my collection and start running out of room I’d rather delete a few things than have to convert each individual file to free up space. Any suggestions?

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Yeah. No problem. You just use something like iTunes and convert to MP3 at 128kbs. You just need to change the setting that rips to AAC to MP3 (the default bit rate is 192 I think so you might want to change that). Import the music into iTunes, right click and select convert to MP3. The new files will appear in your music folder in the iTunes music folder.

If you don’t like iTunes any music player that can rip to MP3 should be able to do it.

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ashampoo music centre/audio centre should help

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Whatever you use will run the conversion one file at a time. The question you’re asking is whether or not you can queue the files…

Wouldn’t you be time ahead running a query on your folders for bitrates higher than 128 Kbps? I think that you can specify that as part of a search. Then just throw all of the files into a converter. Super! works great for that…

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OK sorry didn’t read the whole question but iTunes still works. You can organize your library by the type of file then select all the files you want (128 bitrate will be at one end so then you can select everything after that) to convert and set it going.

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Think I’ll try Super! first, yes, just worried about being able to just queue them, or select a bunch at once. Don’t want to convert and then reconvert if I don’t have to, but it’s an option. Thanks.

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@blastfamy – I’m using Super! right now, (actually its Switch Sound File Converter) and once I got the settings put together right, it’s been working beautifully. I still have to listen to some of the files to make sure they work OK, but I can’t imagine they wouldn’t.

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