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The mass of an Atom is in its what?

Asked by badboii_nelson (2points) October 23rd, 2007 from iPhone
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this is turning into a “who’s on first” routine.

Badboii_nelson, could you clarify your question a little?

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Who is on first!

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What’s on second?

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@squigish:I don’t know, and I think that he’s on third.

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OK, we’ve found a need for a new fluther function. There should be a function labeled “rim shot” on a response. When pressed, the poster will, when next viewing the thread, receive the “badumbump” sound effect associated with a corny joke in a Catskills comedy routine.

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@hoss: reread the routine…now seems overwordy, boring, out-of-date and extremely unfunny. “Rim shot” is a good idea for all the off-point wandering some of us (notably gallcalled) do. However, I think that is where the fun lies…in the asides.

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Mass of an atom is in amu-atomic mass units: 1 proton = 1 amu: 1 neutron = 1 amu: 1 electron is a small fraction of 1 amu. So the mass of an atom is in the protons, neutrons, and electrons.

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