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What would you do re: Craigslist "missed connections"?

Asked by sfgal (277points) March 5th, 2009

My friend just told me she was reading craigslist’s “missed connections” and there was a note from a guy trying to find a beautiful girl whom he met while walking his dog. My friend was surprised as she read the posting because she realized the woman in question is her brother’s girlfriend (the description was unmistakable). The man who posted it obviously doesn’t know this woman has a boyfriend, he was just smitten when he chatted with her while walking dogs in the neighborhood. My friend and I are debating – should she mention this to her brother’s girlfriend? Or keep it to herself?

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If you tell her about it, you might come off as a bit of a shit-stirrer. Random dude in the dog park’s fleeting attraction toward her is not worth the stress that this might put the married couple through. Is my two cents.

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I say show it to her and let the rest be up to her.

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I would tell her about it and if she asks show her. It’s mostly, I think, a quick ego boost for her.

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I think it depends on your relationship with her and the dynamics of her relationship with her boyfriend. I wouldn’t say anything unless the relationship is stable enough for you to tell her in front of her boyfriend. Everything out on the table or forget about it. No “behind anyone’s back I got a secret” crap.

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I highly doubt she thought anything of talking to someone while walking her dog. I’d show it to her, it’ll probably make her blush.

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I would tell her, if only because of the “what are the odds” factor. Not because of the person posting it, but because of finding it and recognizing it.

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