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What to wear to court house wedding?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) October 23rd, 2007

We are getting married at the court house in Jan.(with just family) and having our “real” wedding in Aug.(with the rest of our clan). I don’t want to wear a wedding dress, but I want to look bride-like.

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Neutral-coloured short-skirted suit w. a pretty camisole? And if you “do” hats, a little 40s number if you have short hair or want to put it up. You can reuse all components, which you probably won’t be able to do w. a wedding dress. Congratulations, BTW.

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I second the suit, especially since it will be winter. If wearing white is important to you, you can find a white suit or an off-white or champagne color. Here’s an NYTimes article about wedding suits.

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Depending on your body type, and your style, you could do a couple of different things.

First, you could go with a basic white shift of this sort:

You could also go to a store like Red Light (you’re in Seattle, right?) and find a vintage, 1950’s cut dress- fitted through the top and then flared at the hip. You could get them inexpensively, and in white, or cream. Wear an interesting beaded cardigan over it.

If you are more classic, try JCrew’s styles. They have a lot of “wedding” dresses – not only dresses for the bride, but also, bridesmaids and wedding attendees. I think that if you could find something with a cut similar to this, it would be a nice:

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Completely agree with the Jcrew suggestion. Check out this dress, which also comes in a cream color…appropriately bridal without seeming too much like a “wedding dress”, and you could wear it to later occaisions. If you buy the cream color I bet you could even dye it afterwards if you wanted a different color dress to wear to other people’s weddings.

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Oh! I didn’t see the Sophia! Excellent choice, Sfgal – and there’s so much you can do with it after the event.

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