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Does something like metaspy still exist?

Asked by fluff (6points) March 5th, 2009

There used to be this thing called that let you view all the search terms that people are searching for using their search engine… it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Does anything like this still exist? It was really interesting. Thanks!

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Metaspy is no longer available because the landscape of Search changed too fast for Metaspy to keep up. There are tools that you can use to view keyword trends, top 100–500 keywords for the day, and even see what type of keywords competitors are using in their ad campaigns. Here are a few:

1) Google Trends – Great source for seasonal trend, also has a list of top searches
2) Spy Fu ** – Look at competitors keywords
3) Top 500 KWs * – Straight forward list of the top 500 keywords
4) MSN adLabs – MSN data only
5) Google Keyword Tool – Google data only
6) WordTracker Free – You get what you pay for
7) SEObook Keyword Tool – Gives data for all major search engines
8) WordTracker ** – Oldest keyword tool around
9) Trellian ** – More reliable than WordTracker
10) Word Ze ** – I haven’t tried this too, but it looks very cool

* This I don’t know how trustworthy this site is, so take the info with a grain of salt
** These sites are “paid services” some have free features, but full access will cost $$

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