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Can someone please explain The Darjeeling Limited to me?

Asked by poofandmook (17320points) March 5th, 2009

Maybe I’m being dense, but I’ve seen this movie about three times and I still don’t get the point.

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I thought it was about the brotherly bonding that went on while they went to find their mom.

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Why does there have to be a point? :)

It’s about personal identity, your identity within your family, and trying to fill that lost space inside of your heart. There is no real ending or lesson in morality, no wrapping up of loose ends or a marriage, because life isn’t like that.

It’s just about finding who you are and what that means. In India :D

I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan…

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I feel that the major plot components can be summarized as follows:

Adrian Brody is sexy. Jason Schwartzman is sexy. Owen Wilson is sexy. But in a kind of nontraditional way.

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I got the part about the bonding… and I’m not saying there has to be a point, but it just seemed like there was some great meaning that I was missing.

@nikipedia: Oh goodness, I thought I was the only person on Earth who would have no problem jumping Owen Wilson’s bones. Jason Schwartzman? He looked better in the scene on the way to the funeral. And it sort of bothered me how he was barefoot through the whole movie. LOL

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It sorta made me hot and bothered.

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Here’s the thing about Anderson films. You have to go into a viewing expecting an “experience,” not so much a linear narrative that has a “moral to the story” or a “point” that slaps you in the face. I’ve found that if you watch it second-by-second, taking in all the incredible effort he’s put into setting up each scene to be visually stunning, that each film becomes a highly enjoyable form of art.

The absurd situations and quirky characters do tend to make the average film goer hope for an ending that ties all the loose ends and returns everything to normal, but I think you’re missing out if you’re looking for a “point.”

Enjoy it for what it is!

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Add me to the Owen Wilson-bone-jumping club. Actually, can I be president?

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I think @SkygreenLeopard hit the nail on the head pretty well. I would add to it that a lot of it becomes about the relationships between the characters less than the story itself. And I would do ANY of those guys :D

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I thought it was about the brothers’ bonding experience and their spiritual journey.

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