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What's the best time to do weightloss cardio? What's the best time to work out?

Asked by Waffle (248points) March 5th, 2009

If I’m going to be lifting, I heard it’s a good idea to have a large meal full of carbs about 3–4 hours before and then a protein-full meal immediately after the workout routine. What time of day would be best for working out?

When preforming cardio for weight loss, I’ve heard from some people that right before bed is best. From others, I’ve heard right when you get up in the morning. Which is better? Also, when preforming cardio for weight loss, do you eat before or after?

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Are you working with a personal trainer? If you’re not, it would be a good idea to address these questions with someone who can tailor a workout program for you. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can really damage yourself.

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whenever you can make time, even if its jogging at 5 am, do it

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-Morning is the best time, you would be fresh and full of energy. You are less likely to have anything scheduled in the morning and hence, you would be more regular.

-If you do cardio in the evening, you tend to stay active and may find it difficult to sleep

-I think you should eat after you do your cardio.

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@discover So if I’m going for Morning, before or after breakfast?

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Make sure you have something light in your stomach. When I run on empty, I get sick to my stomach.

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@waffle…...i always go before breakfast

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@waffle If your organs don’t get enough fuel when working out they can take damage so I would recommend eating something (not too close) before working out. And as far as I understand there’s no data supporting that some hours during the day would be better for working out.

I think it is better to make sure you have enough fuel to maximize the workout and then refill your body with nutrients afterward so your body can rebuild itself.

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Early. It boost matabolism sooner in the day.

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@gooch Hmm maybe I missed something. Got a source for that information? Would love to read it.

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Not off hand. Google exercise and matabolism. Exercising boost metabolism so the sooner you get it going in the morning the more calories you will burn in the day. If you can’t find something let me know and I will find you something.

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Well how about that, the increase in metabolism does stay a while after working out. It will go back within an hour or so, and not account for much more additional burned calories, if you don’t exercise quite strenuously. However, according to Dr. Chris Melby, if the intensity is on athlete level the post-exercise can last much longer and contribute significantly to total daily calorie burn. He also says that intensity is more important than duration for this.

Of course, it can be difficult and maybe hard on the body to workout like an athlete if you are not one. But a bonus is a bonus no matter what. :) Here’s the article I read btw: Does Exercise Affect Resting Metabolism?

@gooch Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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According to me, morning and evening both are the perfect times for doing workouts and cardio exercise for weight loss purpose. But one should do regular exercise and workouts in order to get quick weight loss.

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