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How do you find new local music in your area?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) March 5th, 2009

Im just curious about how people find all the local bands. There have been some awesome bands coming from Denver (where i live) and am just curious if you like new music thats local how do you hear about it?

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I live in Orlando, so thusly, there is no local music i’m interested in. When I lived in Philly, Chicago and New York, i used to look at the posters at the venues where acts i already like played, and see what was coming up. I’d seek that act out online, and if i liked the sound, i’d go to the show.

sometimes local acts will open for a bigger band, rather than having a regular opening act.

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Anyone use MySpace? I might check it out, i could demo there songs i guess.

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The local independent radio station (KEXP), has a local music show. They also play a lot of local music throughout the day.

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@forestgeek thanks im gonna check and see what local radio promotes.

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We have a monthly magazine here in Phoenix, Arizona called The New Times and it does a pretty comprehensive job of listing all the new local and returning bands that pass through the bars and clubs, month to month, all around the city.

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I use our public radio station, then a weekly publication that focuses on what’s going on around town, then I use MySpace or YouTube to figure out if I like them or not.

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My Morning Jacket was local, as was Bonnie Prince Billy. I like Wax Fang, another local act. We have a great music store that has a local artist section, and often has concerts, both local and not, out front in the summer.

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@AlfredaPrufrock you must live near Louisville… great taste in the tunes!

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@BONZO, why yes I do. And thank you.

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if there are any small venues, check them out for local bands opening for other bands, or local battle of the bands. sometimes parks will even host battle of the bands. myspace is definitely a big help finding them. if you have any smaller record stores, they may have some locals’ cds, or flyers for upcoming local band shows, etc.

near me, there’s a little place in a warehouse district where basically every night there’s a show for 10 bucks, and 4 or 5 local bands play it, and occasionally some small out of state bands that are passing through.

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We have a few venues that have $10 or less shows, and I try to frequent those. I saw Guggenheim Grotto there, with a crowd of about 100. They’re in Denver tomorrow night, Will, you should check them out! At Owsley’s. They played Mountain Stage and are Playing South by Southwest, and World Cafe.

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Check out the venues. For me it’s particularly easy because i’m in college and they either a. come from the local schools or b. advertise all over the local schools. I would also recommend myspace and purevolume.

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Denver is quite big. The area I’m in now is pretty small (pop 10,000) and since I’m a musician myself, I know everyone. Of course people use posters, but for me it’s usually word of mouth. I know that so-and-so just formed a new band and they’ll be playing at that place on that date.

Or that there are these new kids in town who sound really good and their guitarist is so-and-so’s cousin and has short hair.

And in most cases I end up playing with them anyway, so I get to hear how they sound real close.

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