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Gay Marriage, For it or Against it!

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) March 5th, 2009

I personally lean more towards for it.
Love is Love, & Happiness is Happiness.
Everyone should be able to feel Love & be Loved.

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How can I jailbreak my iPhone?

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For it. Don’t care who marries whom as long as it’s consensual. Don’t understand why on earth anybody else does.

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Choice 3 It is none of my business how people commit to each other. Now equal rights/treatment, that’s another kettle of fish.

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I’m against it. Two people that love each other would destroy my marriage.

Oh, that is a stupid argument.. I don’t care.

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For it.

Fluther is overwhelmingly supportive of gay rights.

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How many times has this been asked on here now?

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Can we remove this? Please!!!!!!!?

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Well one i am new & was not aware of that. If you don’t like it, you don’t really need to comment on it i guess.
& two i am personally not gay, i just support the rights of others.

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It’s cool, everybody posts a repeat at some point. Just try to use the search function before asking questions in the future.
And I don’t think anybody suggested you were gay ;)

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hahaha thanks @lefteh i was just putting it out there.

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Gay Marriage

I’m for all marriages being defined by our government as civil unions.
Personally, I’m not quite sure why people get so pissed about repeat questions?

I’m going to start getting pissed at people who get pissed at repeat questions.

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100% for it. and who cares if this is a repeat? this poor new girl is sure getting it. hahah.

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Civil unions for all, please. It should be as hard to get into as it is to get out of. Religious ceremony optional, as you choose.

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I think gay marriage is an abomination.

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I’d like to see someone come up with a secular reason for banning same-sex marriage. I’ve never heard of one.

I have no reason to want to remove one of the civil liberties from one portion of the population that is already afforded to a similar portion in which the only difference is something so innocuous as sexual preference.

I think you’re an abomination.

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The irony is lost.

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@Vinifera7 Do you even know me? Why don’t you search gay marriage and see what I have to say.

Well, I tried.

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That’s right! I’m the abomination around here!

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Damn straight!

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all for it, they deserve to be happy in there lives

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I could assume that people are being ironic/sarcastic, but I’m more for taking people at face value when there is no indication of sarcasm.

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For it? Of course I’m not for it, any more than I am for you driving to the store to pick up some more toilet paper. I do not, in fact, give a damn, because it concerns me not at all. But, apparently, that counts as being for it, so yeah.

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Vinifera7: Why is a person an abomination just because they have a differing opinion then you?

Jayne: TP or marriage, I’m confused…...............

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Let’s clear something up. Tinyfaery is in support of gay marriage. Nobody is an abomination :)

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@Cardinal; I’m just saying that it is not my business whether or not gays marry, so while I do not oppose it, and do I oppose measures to legislate against it, I think it would be somewhat hypocritical to be actively in support of it, if you catch my drift. I am lamenting, more than anything, the fact that the polarization in this country has forced us to take sides on issues that should not in any way be issues subject to our opinions.

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Isn’t it amazing that we even have to debate this.
The bottom line is if you don’t support gay marriages, don’t have one.

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Neil Patrick Harris is gay, and I plan on marrying him, but I’m straight. Would that be considered a gay marriage?

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I think that maybe we’ve answered this question a number of times, so I refuse to get into any kind of debate over it, but I will state that I am 100% for. I’d like to be married someday.

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leglize it, it benefits society

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@tinyfaery I would say that the irony was lost there. Those of us who have paid any attention at all to everyone’s posts on a variety of topics are aware of the fact that..if you’re an abomination so am I! ;).

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@tinyfaery You crack me up.

I’m for it. Again. I’ll still be for it next time the question is asked as well. ;]

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@mrswho Maybe not a gay marriage but definitely a giddy one

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I strongly support legalizing gay marriage, or civil unions if we call every marriage that.

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I am against two people dressing up and making fools of themselves by pretending to be part of an obsolete ritual which was meant for heterosexual marriages anyway.

I am for changes in law that will allow either some different kind of ritual, or legal rights to people who have chosen to live together and share their lives. In Australia there is already such a law, by which a “common law” husband or wife can for example claim inheritance or benefits, even for people of the same sex.

PS I wonder how many of the 6 stars tinyfaery got so far are from people who actually got the irony and how many are from people who in fact agree that it’s an abomination.

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@tinyfaery – Maybe, just maybe, instead of pouncing on a newbie about repeat questions (when the guidelines or site functionality do not encourage finding and using older discussions) and instead of misrepresenting yourself to someone you KNOW won’t know you or your history (and then assuming that everyone has the time to go through your comment history [which is impossible] and find out who you really are), if you have nothing serious to add to the discussion, you can simply not post. Such comments only seem to derail the discussion and not contribute anything of value, which does not foster a positive community that includes all new people too. Apparently you missed the memo that sarcasm doesn’t work nearly well via words on the Internet, what with no tone of voice and all.

Now, to answer the question asked. I am a big fan of the Golden Rule. It’s just a nice simple rule that works in pretty much every situation. In this situation it states that if I were gay I would likely want to be allowed to marry whomever I wanted to, thus I do not voice any objections against gays wanting to marry. Beyond that, I have many libertarian outlooks, one of which is “if two consenting people do an activity that does not involve or affect me, I have no right to deny or permit the activity”, and this applies in this case too. Luckily I live in Canada where not only gays but non-religious folk can get the benefits of marriage (I for instance don’t believe in marriage, but I file my taxes as common-law with my partner and I get most/all the benefits I would get if I were married).

Beyond that, there’s the simple fact that allowing gay people to marry will increase the amount of money they spend on marriages and thus boost the economy overall.

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Marriage – the word, should be left to religions because they get so worked the fuck up about it, civil unions for anyone. Like you said, love is love. And I care about my gay friends too deeply to want to deprive them of official status and rights that I can easily obtain.

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So where is lefty’s admonition?Am I the only one EVER to be off-topic? Leave the policing to the mods.

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I’m for it – people find love where they find it.

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Still for it. (@vegelizabeth Scroll down below the ads)

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Click on the word “still”. It’s a link to the page that results when you type “gay marriage” into the search bar. The top of the page contains ads, and when you scroll down below the ads, you will see the 10+ pages of Fluther questions that have been posted in the past regarding “gay marriage”.

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Normally I’m not all that put out by repeat questions. But in this one, special case, there had just been one kerfluffle after another about gay marriage on Fluther, and while it had calmed down some, the wreckage was still smouldering. It’s true that the asker may not have known how to “search,” and is perfectly right to ask. On the other hand, learning to use the site is also a Good Thing. I’m sorry if anyone is offended by my previous quip, and I apologize to anyone it affected, especially the asker. Now, back to our regularly scheduled questioning of Gay Rights.

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Lurve for “kerfluffle”

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I am definatly against gay marriage. I have been married for 20 years and that’s hard enough to make work. Plus I am not gay so I will just keep the wife I have. Thanks for the offer you flatter me.

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@gooch: _”...and that’s hard enough to make work.”

Can you explain that? How does gender make a marriage more difficult? If you love your wife, and a different couple exists where a gay woman/man loves her wife/husband just as dearly…why would you think the challenges would be different with respect to the relationship itself?

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The added pressures from society I think would make a relationship harder.

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@asmonet and @gooch i’m inclined to believe that lesbian DRAMA makes it harder ;). I joke, but seriously, lesbian drama never ceases to amaze me! I once wrote a whole paper on it for a creative writing class haha.

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The L Word, anybody?

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Dyke Drama

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yah dyke drama (though I find some people get offended by that phrase hence not saying dyke drama haha).

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I’m one. You’re one. Whatever.

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@tinyfaery What?! I never claimed such things!

I’m just kidding. I’m gay as the day is long.

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Because of the comparison you made @gooch, it seemed as though you were saying that the relationship alone, outside of other factors was more likely to fail, just because of their gender. And it still doesn’t make sense, you’re against it to save them the trouble of being judged? What?

Besides whether or not they’re legally married they still face the same challenges as a couple through discrimination, knowing this, how can it be a valid argument for you against gay marriage?

Even if you’re against gay relationships, it just sounds like you’re against it to keep the nice little homos safe from the rest of the world?

Or am I the only one seeing this?

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I’m not against it. I don’t like the idea of it because of my religious beliefs, but the government is not going to stop these people from loving each other. Why should government be able to tell us who we can and cannot marry? If they called me up and told me “Hey, yea, you can’t get married, ever because it’s….not right”, I’d be pretty dang upset. They have no right. Just please don’t start making out in front of me, it kinda grosses me out!

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I’m straight, but support gay marriage 100%!!!!!!!!!!! When I see two men or two women walking hand in hand or kissing, I smile from ear to ear. I practically have to fight the urge to verbally commend them!

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Gay people should be allowed to be as miserable as everybody else.

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