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Who is your Favorite on American Idol's Top 13 this season?

Asked by haleyray07 (225points) March 5th, 2009

for the first time ever, American Idol has chosen a top 13. Who is your favorite? Who do you think will win?

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Adam’s gonna win. I don’t think it’s really fair – he’s performed in musical theater.

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Lil Rounds

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I can honestly say I have never seen one episode of any season, but a friend had it on the other day and I caught Allison..she’s amazing, she’s cute, she’s got star power. Even if she doesn’t win i’d bet she’s a star within a year.

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In my opinion, the best guy is Danny and the best female is either Allison or Alexis. That guy Adam really gets on my nerves. When he sings, it sounds like shrieking to me.

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I think that Lil Rounds and Danny will make it to the top two. I really like Megan, but I doubt that she will win.

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It’s hard to choose right now. But my personal top three is Danny, Megan and Michael (I know he’s not that good, but I like him anyway).

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Lil Rounds ROCKS it!!

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Lil Rounds and Danny to the finale!!

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Isnt Adam the rocker guy. With the black hair and the emo looking bangs? If so he is my favorite!! I think he is very cute. Also someone told me he was gay. Is that true?

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There’s no contest this season which is why it isn’t so interesting. Even the judges say Adam’s the winner. No other one comes close. But again, he’s been in musical theater. I heard he was gay, also.

P.S. I think THIS question makes a case for date/time stamps on the answer. It would be interesting to see WHEN the first few answers were posted, i.e. at what stage of the competition did people think certain contestants would win.

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@Mr_M I agree. Most of these answers were posted the day of the question. I would like to change my answer now. I think that Allison could win it. She really sings well, plus she has that cuteness factor that gets votes. Adam is a great singer, but he’s just too over the top for me.

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My favorite had also changed. I really like Matt a lot and Allison is very good. I do like Adam but it seems as if can do no wrong in the judges eyes.

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The red headed girl is clearly the best.

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She IS AWESOME! But Adam will win. But we will hear from her.

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