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Your girlfriend is driving the car. Who pumps the gas?

Asked by z28proximo (285points) March 5th, 2009

Guy riding shotgun, for whatever reason. You pull into the gas station, who gets out and pumps?

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dude she pumps her gas.

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In my case, it would be my wife driving the car and it would be me getting out to pump the gas.

A. Because it is the gentlemanly thing to do
B. The gas is going on my debit card anyway and it’s in my wallet
C. Refer to answer ‘A’

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I haaaaaaaate pumping gas. If there is someone with me, no matter who it is and no matter who’s sitting in which seat, I try to make them do it. XD

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I should justify my answer, if its going on your credit and what not and shes your wife I would say okay. I guess its your call but if its freezing outside, like it is in ohio i say screw that. I do all the other gentlemen things but i don’t pump gas. I make her do it, if she wants equal rights it can start with her pumping her gas.

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Yeah, if I’m in the shotgun seat with my girlfriend, and she stops for gas. There is no way I’m getting out to pump the gas. I might go into the store and ask her if she wants anything, but I wouldn’t pump the gas.

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I can pump my own gas, thanks. Seriously though, bring me sour patch watermelons and a sour cherry slurpee. One of those metal straws that get super cold is a bonus. =]

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Depends. I will get out of the car to be right there.

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She told me that costs extra.

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the driver

but of course if I know she doesn’t have money, I may offer to pay, or she might actually ask me. Depends on the relationship, but everything related to the car is the driver’s job.

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I live in Oregon.. We can’t pump our own gas.

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If the tank is on the passenger side i will think about it (depending on my money situation) if not then i just sit there and wait, maybe go inside to get her a drink or something.

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Driver pumps gas.
The one who has money pays, but most often it’s the driver that pays as well, due to none of us being broke.

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For my fiance and me, whoever is driving pumps the gas – unless I am driving and it is bitterly cold, and then he is a gentleman and pumps the gas for me :) However, when he pumps his gas, I usually go in and pay for him since he pays in cash (I pay by card at the pump)

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Gentleman pumps the gas. This comes under the heading of “little things that men do.” What else would you be doing? Sitting there watching her?

And yes, I’m perfectly capable of pumping my own gas, putting down the toilet seat, etc.

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I’d love it if my gentleman pumped my gas for me. Sadly, he does not. Thus I, a female, am left to pump my gas in the bitter cold of Canadian winters (and pump air into my tire, that was certainly fun when the metal air pressure handle had been left in the snow overnight). I don’t really mind it, I’m used to it… but it certainly would be nice every now and then.

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whichever side the gas tank is on.. either

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Neither….. People pump our gas for us here in NJ.
though honestly i wish i could just pump my own, they are painfully slow.

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@uberbatman I feel your pain. When I lived in oregon it was the same way. Hated it. But being that oregon has a terrible employment rate.. I guess the more jobs the better.

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@NaturalMineralWater the thing that never really made sense to me though is we usually have the cheapest gas here in NJ yet we have to pay these people to pump gas

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If my husband has had a difficult day at work, I let him rest his bum and I pump. If it’s been a stressful day for me, he returns the favor.

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It’s a gentelmanly thing to do.
I’d do it for my male friends too, for the same reason!
It’s not about rights, it’s about about SHOWING how you care for people in your lives. It reflects on you my friend!
Hell I’ll even pay for it ( if I have the funds).

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Geez, I don’t think any of my gentlemen callers ever pumped my gas for me. And I drove a lot.

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@jonsblond—This method is MacBean approved. Thumbs up!

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Usually the driver pumps the gas, and the other person runs in and gets snackage. Unless, of course, someone has to pee – then all bets are off.

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We take turns most of the time when we’re out together.

He has the habit of coming home with the tank on empty which drives me crazy. Last time he did that I made him go out and get the gas by himself. I refuse to be on the side of the road because he won’t put gas in his car.

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If your girlfriend needs gas pumped while you are riding with her, you pump it… no exceptions.

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she drives alone, pumps her own. She drives with me riding shotgun, I pump it.

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Driver does. I’m almost always the driver. Even if my wife drives, if we stopped for gas, I think I would be it. She does it when she’s on her own. Except, as has been noted above, when we’re in Jersey. Then some Sikh does it. Why do Sikhs own all the gas stations in South Jersey?

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<———- Has never owned a vehicle larger than a mountain bike.

I didn’t realize there were so many little points of etiquette when one has a car. When I had a BF with a car, he pumped his own gas. I usually gave him about half the money he needed for it. But that was years ago.

So the next time I’m in a car with someone and we end up at a gas station (and we’re not in Jersey), I should get out and pump? I don’t reckon I’d even know how! I’d rather leave that to the experts!

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I always get out and pump the gas. Just being a gentleman.

@johnPowell – So in Oregon full service is manditory?

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If my husband is in the car, he does it. It’s been like that for any guy I’ve dated…

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Usually my wife drives, and so she typically pumps the gas, but sometimes I do it. We don’t have any of those pesky gender roles to worry about.

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If I drive alone I will do it myself. If it is bad weather (super cold, raining or snowing) or if I’m wearing a really nice outfit I go to the full service station. Of course I tip the person, since they are doing me a favor.
If there is a man in the car (or even my 14 year old son) he pumps. If a man wouldnt offer to pump my gas i would wonder where his manners are. I am a lady, and I expect chivalry. I pay if it’s my car but he physically puts my credit card into the machine.

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I think the guy should always get out of the car to pump the gas. No woman should have to get her hands dirty.

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you pump the gas or take turns

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@daloon, there are Pakistanis (or maybe Iraqis, who can tell?) with gas stations and motels in this part of the country. All the gas stations with the name STAR are owned by those types of folks. Some are really poorly cared for stations, and a few are quite well maintained. The poorly cared for stations don’t stay in business long. I judge a station by how well it is maintained, I couldn’t care less who owns it, but I have noticed the change.

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When my husband and I are out together, I almost always drive. He drives a lot for work, so he enjoys being a passenger. When he is with me, he pumps the gas.

I have a friend whose ex-husband would take her car to the gas station without her to fill up her gas tank. She’d tell him, “I need gas.” and he’d go and fill it up while she was at home!

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@augustlan My wife will often
fill up my gas tank for me, and when she does, she always leaves me a little present, like candy or gum.

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Is your girlfriend missing her arms? If not than she can pump her own damn gas. We are not fragile innocent creatures that need help with such things. If I can drive a damn car I should be able to put gas in it, regardless of what’s going on below my belt!

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whoever gets up first/has the money.

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@adreamofautumn – so you how do you determine if someone is trying to be polite to you as they might be to anyone versus making a gesture that calls you a weak maiden who need assistance?

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@Bri_L I think that if someone (male or female) wants to be polite than I can tell and I would find it very nice, I answered under the impression that the question meant should the guy always pump the gas if he’s in the car. That just seems silly to me. It shouldn’t be assumed that it’s his job just because he’s the man. If he says “would you like me to pump the gas today” or “how about you go in and pay and i’ll pump” or other such polite things I would see it as a friendly gesture. I just wouldn’t assume that it’s always his job.

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@adreamofautumn – I totally see what you mean. Good call.

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I“m from Jersey, so this isn’t typically an issue, but when we cross state borders, if my parents are driving, my dad always gets out to pump the gas. I don’t know if my mom just hates it, or if he’s being a gentleman (or maybe he just thinks she doesn’t know what she’s doing), but he always pumps the gas without fail.

Now if I were driving and my guy was shotgun, I wouldn’t give a damn. I don’t mind pumping gas. Good thing I don’t have to worry about it too often.

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The man drives the car and the man pumps the gas. It’s in the owner’s manual.

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You do and if you can afford it, you also pay.

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Oregon and New Jersey, the two states where folks are paid minimum wage to watch you pump your own gas . . . hmmmm

As for whichever side the the tank is on, I can’t always remember that . . . even in my own truck.

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@Kayak8 its actually illegal here in NJ to pump your own gas. Not that its ever really enforced, but its like a 500 dollar fine to the person and a couple thousand to the gas station.

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It’s nice to have somebody pump your gas. That is until the guy at the pump decides to express his disdain for the boss by going slooooooow.

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@SeventhSense i wish we could pump our own gas. I loathe waiting for them. They are all slow as shit and 90% of them barely speak English so its always a struggle to get them to understand you just want 20 dollars worth of regular gas. Or theyre assholes and have to try and fit EVERY LAST CENT OF GAS INTO YOUR TANK thus spilling it all down the side of your friggin car. >_<

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