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Any simple suggestions for how to celebrate a roommate's birthday?

Asked by Trustinglife (6613points) March 6th, 2009

I said simple. We’re not particularly close, and he is very private. He loves video games, remote control cars, and is a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

We have a cordial relationship, and he’s not expecting us to do anything, I’m sure. My other housemate and I didn’t do anything last year. I did mention he’s private, right? Any suggestions?

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Small birthday cake from some decadent bakery, with balloon attached.

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how bout ask him if he would like to order in some food (pizza, chinese, his choice) on you, and you guys could just eat it at home, low key.

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Just order a pie (pizza style) and some brewskies and call it good.

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Great ideas mentioned above! Just tell him ahead of time dinner is on you, and have a small cake. It’s just the idea of being remembered that will matter. Maybe you should take your cue from what he does for others (if anything).

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Don’t forget to buy him the latest expansion pack to his favorite game.

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If he has any close friends that you guys know, they should be invited.

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I wouldn’t bother with a gift in this situation. Just a small acknowledgment as others have suggested.

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If he is really private, and won’t be comfortable doing something with you, just acknowledge his special day: Buy him a six-pack of nice beer (if he likes that). Leave him a cupcake w/ a Happy Birthday note on the counter. That kind of thing.

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One time I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the mirror with shaving cream for my moms birthday.

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Thanks everyone. So far I like the idea best of buying him dinner out – he does that for himself often and I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Edit: My other roommate just walked by and since neither of us are going to be here tomorrow night, we’re planning now on the following night treating him to dinner and a movie here. Should be nice. Still open to other ideas – his b-day is tomorrow.

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@Trustinglife Will you be my roommate?

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Ha! Thanks. We all like to be appreciated, huh?

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