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Any ideas how to stop chickens pecking each other?

Asked by c_gunningham (283points) March 6th, 2009

I’ve tried tar on areas being pecked, some horrible spray that smelt rank, putting food on ground instead of in the feeder, hanging food up, filing beaks but they are still pecking each other, We’ve had them about a year I would have thought the pecking order would have been established by now. Any other ideas from anyone who has kept chickens.

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Cut off their peckers?

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.

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@AstroChuck LOL. You beat me to it.

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Joking aside, aren’t you supposed to snip the ends of their beaks? Or is that cruel and I don’t know it? I mean, don’t cut the whole thing off, just the tip so they don’t break skin.

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Seriously, I’ve read that if chickens don’t have ample room they start pecking one another and will enter into cannibalism. Are you able to provide more space for them?

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Thanks, They got ample space really there’s only 4 of them in an area about 4m x 7m. We did file the beaks but that doesn’t seem to stop them plucking the feathers out.

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I was just going to be smart-alek and say “FRY ‘EM” – bet that stops that pecking!

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apparently vinegar in their drinking water helps – about a cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. Would be interesting to know if this works :)

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