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What is it with my Citibank card telling me I can no longer make payments online?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) March 6th, 2009

I can’t find anything through Google about this but I got a statement that said after March 23rd I can no longer use this service?

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The first thing I would do is call Citibank directly and see what’s going on.

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Is this one of those emails that says “TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE YOUR ONLINE SERVICE”? If so, it is most probably a fishing email. Citibank has a pretty good online service. Check into your account and contact them online or just give them a call.

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“Starting 3/25/2009, the Make a Payment service will no longer be available for your card.
Please do not choose an Online payment date later than 3/23/2009, as it will not be posted to your account.
Starting 3/25/2009, the Account Online service will no longer be available for your card.”

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I would give them a phone call (call the number on the back of your card, not on the letter if they are different) and ask them what’s up. They will know for sure or can help you figure it out better than any of us can.

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they blew all their bail-out money on the new diamond-encrusted jet, so now they have to cut costs elsewhere.

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Online payment is one of the least costly things for them. Banks and credit card companies always encourage their customers to use their online services. They even pay you a few bucks to stop your paper statements and do everything online. That way they don’t have to pay for stamps, processing of your checks, etc.

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After reading a few pertaining publications and watching Real Time I’m pretty sure that we’ll hear about Citi’s demise pretty soon. Their stock is now down to 99 cents.

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