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What are your Ramen preferences?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 6th, 2009

Regular bricks? or ready to eat in a cup?
Marchuan or Top?
What flavor is best?
and most importantly, how do you cook them?

For me it’s Marchuan Chicken-cook-drain-season
ready to eat I’d have to go with Cup Noodles

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I stay away from the stuff.

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After eating it so much in college, I rarely buy it anymore. Once when I was living in the dorms, my mother went to Costco and bought a HUGE case of chicken ramen. By the time I finished it I was so sick of it and didn’t want to see ramen ever again.

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I don’t eat it often, but when I do, I like the creamy chicken flavor , and brick or cup makes no difference to me.

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don’t like ramen. I prefer yaki soba.

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Top, brick-kind (but broken up so the noodles aren’t crazy long), chicken flavor. I don’t drain the water; it needs to be soup-like, because I add my own vegetables. Corn, peas, carrots, sometimes celery. Sometimes I even add little chunks of chicken, but not usually.

Cup Noodles are good if I don’t have a lot of time, but I much prefer the brick kind and my own veggies. Much tastier.

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I only eat the brick kind, beef flavor , drain all the water, and add cabbage

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I eat the brick kind. Spicy Chicken flavour. Mr. Noodles brand. With the broth still in.

When I don’t have any brick, I’ll eat the cup noodles no problem though.

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Brick kind. Chicken is my favorite. I add a little sour cream.

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Brick kind, creamy chicken, and I love making a ramen noodle salad with it. That’s my favorite. If I eat the soup, I have to let the water soak into the noodles for a real long time so they are super puffy.

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Speaking of Ramen, I might go make some Curry Chicken Brick Mr. Noodles Ramen now :]

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@MrMontpetit where do you live? I’ve never even heard of Mr. Noodles lol

what else do people add besides vegetables? I really don’t like veggies…

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only available in Canada :-(

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Totally agree – Chicken flavored cooked on the stove, ftw.

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anything but shrimp….. great for camping

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Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup. Spring onion and garlic and vegetable flavors. It has an oil-based flavor packet. And I dress it up with vegetables, mushrooms, sprouts and tuna. Not all at once, but in sort of a mix-and-match way.

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I like both the cup and the bag. If it’s the brick version I stick the whole thing in the water and let it break up on its own. (My mom cracks it in the bag and dumps it in all broken.) I like to add hot dogs sometimes. My favorite flavors are chicken and beef.

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Pesto + mozzarella + cilantro.

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@Allie im so with you on the letting it break up on its own.

@all can I officially coin the phrase “brick style”?

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Cook -while sauteing mushrooms, onions, garlic, and peas (in my own seasoning). Once Ramen is done (any chicken flavor: Roasted, creamy, regular etc.), drain then pan-sear with season and the rest of the veggies with butter (unsalted) until slightly crunchy on the outside. Delicious.

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i throw out the flavor packet. add garlic, crushed black pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil and a little ginger instead. scallions and mushrooms maybe too. at the end, i beat an egg and drop it in. a meal. voila.

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@nomtastic – Ah! An egg! Great idea! I love eggs.

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@nomtastic do you cook the egg first?

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curry chicken with some sour creem and sautteed onion… yumz

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no – the boiling water cooks the egg. like egg drop soup.

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You guys are missing out so much! Ramen is like wine. They come from different countries and styles. The best ramen makers are from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. My fav is this super spicy Korean brand called Nong Shin. Shin Ramyun is the kind I like (vege). You must pick the one you cook over the stove unless you have no way of cooking it in water. Even macrowave works. Cup version means no body nor texture on the noodles with the exception of thin rice noodles. You can add anything to ramen. Dry seaweed, whole raw egg, fried egg, leftover steak (or anything), spam cubes (I know but trust me on this). I don’t eat ramen often but I grew up with them like most Asian kids. When I am in the mood for one. I am damn sure it will not be the supermarket cup version! ;)

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Homer Simpson once had to eat rice cakes. So he piled a foot of stuff on one and congratulated himself on it being one calorie, took a bite and said “these don’t taste that bad”.

This thread reminds me of that.

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@ckinyc – A lot of areas of the US don’t have Asian food stores, so getting different kinds of noodles might be difficult, you know? I live in NYC, so I don’t have that problem, but someone in Lincoln, Nebraska might.

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The one I like (see above) actually made it to Walmart! I saw them in Boca Raton. You can also find them on Internet. If I get enough requests from this thread I will create a list on brands, types and where to find them online.

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Even in NYC, there is only one place that I know of sells this Hong Kong brand of reman. No one else carry it. Strange!

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with some spam and fried eggs
Also in the winter, I like to put a lot of hot sauces and spices to keep myself warm

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they discontinued the Chicken Teriyaki flavor so I stopped eating ramen. I was addicted to it; that’ll teach ‘em. and no, adding teriyaki sauce to another flavor isn’t the same.

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