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Bear with me but, WHY do I want to use Twitter?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) March 6th, 2009

I don’t get it. What practical uses does it have?

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I would also like to know

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well, aside from being kinda cool, you can do practical things with it.
...just to name a few.

also, i’ve found it very advantageous for a few other reasons:
i’ve gotten tweets from bands i follow, and gotten into “small” shows. I’ve won stuff from companies i follow (threadless, thx).

and it’s interesting too.

but i’m the kind of person who finds the status message on facebook the most interesting part of facebook, so….

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Yeah, practical things. Like Cursebird.

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@richardhenry well, that too, naturally. :)

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Like most things new it’s taking some punches, but it’s fantastic. Takes all the extra fluff from bloggers and boils down entire days or experiences down to 140 characters. In the last week I’ve followed people about to visit the White house a guy who has just found out his roommate has a gun and the divine Stephen Fry following whales. You can even follow me @pcrecords and see if I can make a sucess of a record company. I love twitter.

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-Because I dislike facebook, and I like the simplicity of Twitter
-I like seeing what Jimmy Fallon is doing
-I also like seeing what funny things my friends twitter about, makes me chuckle.

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i’ve never heard of cursebird! apparently i’m Gangsta Rapper. lol.
I follow Shaq, because he is just hysterical on twitter.

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I don’t get it either but I dont really understand facebook either

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@casheroo: I absolutely love seeing shaqs twitters. They make my day!!haha

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I use it for lots of stuff. I keep track of my sleep patterns. I tweet when I take my medication because that usually keeps me from forgetting and if I still forget then one of my followers will remind me. I have ongoing conversations with lots of friends. I tweet notes to myself if I’m out somewhere and come across a movie I want to add to my Netflix queue or a book I want to add to my Amazon wish list or a website I want to check out later or a subject I want to blog about.

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So I registered. I added “Brooke Burke”. Will SHE see my updates?

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@Mr_M she has to follow you first.

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I added Britney Spears and Jimmy Fallon. I got email today that they are following me! Yeah, right!

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enjoy it…i followed fallon and didn’t get a follow in return. :(

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It’s great for local social circles for things like club-hopping, shopping, or other events (concerts, festivals, what have you).

I use it when I’m bored. It’s also another avenue of distraction and procrastination.

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Perhaps you have reams of 140-character wisdom you’ve been dying to share w/faceless persons also trying to stay distracted & entertained on the InterTubez.

Or perhaps you just think you’re so important that your every move should be announced in 140-character bites.

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advertising & as a tool for feedback regarding your service/product.

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Twitter is fun, simple and you get to get the news before anyone else. You know the minute after stuff happens. Really! Also a good way to keep in touch with friends :)

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